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Transcribe recordings for brainstorming and creation.
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Audio Writer is an AI tool designed to help users capture and organize their thoughts effectively. The tool addresses the common problem of struggling to capture and structure unstructured thoughts and ideas.

Users can simply record their spontaneous thoughts, and Audio Writer will convert them into clear and coherent written content. The tool goes beyond transcribing speech to text and offers additional features to shape thoughts into various formats.The tool is trusted by users from top companies worldwide and offers several use cases.

It can be used for brainstorming creative thoughts and ideas, making them more coherent. Users can also use Audio Writer for journaling, saving hours by transcribing their voice recordings into text.

Additionally, the tool accelerates content creation, allowing users to quickly generate tweets, mini essays, blog articles, and more.Audio Writer offers several features to enhance the quality of the transcriptions.

It refines the transcript by eliminating filler words like "ums" and "ahs" and improves grammar and punctuation. Users can also rewrite the text in different styles or mimic the style of specific authors.

The tool supports presets that users can select or customize according to their preferences.Furthermore, Audio Writer supports speech recognition in over 15 languages, allowing users to speak in their preferred language and receive transcripts in the same language.

The tool also enables users to repurpose their transcriptions into different formats such as emails, social media content, and action items.Audio Writer integrates with popular apps like Voice Memos and Files, allowing users to import audio recordings for transcription and opening the transcript directly within these apps.

The tool offers additional features like pinning transcripts, Face ID for secure transcripts, OpenAI settings, focus mode for full-screen view, and widget support.Users' privacy is prioritized, and the tool collects minimal information to ensure the services are provided without any issues.

User data is not stored, and privacy policies of the App Store, Supabase, and OpenAI should be checked for more information on how they handle user information.


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