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Record your voice and turn it into text.
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Audio Note is an AI-powered note taking app that allows users to record their voice and convert the recordings into text. It is designed to transcribe user thoughts and audio to professional text, catering to a versatile range of expressions and recording of ideas.

This transformation is handled by the AI, which efficiently takes voice notes and produces text that may be used in various formats, from to-do lists and social media posts to emails.

Beyond its transcription capability, the app also leverages AI to rewrite text, allowing users to adapt their notes to fit different contexts or formats.

This offers a convenient and efficient way to capture and articulate ideas, perfect for networking, communication, task organization, and more. Users have the option to try the base version of the app or upgrade to Audio Note Pro for additional, unrestricted functionality.

Note: the app is suitable for a wide variety of users, thanks to its AI-driven ability to handle different accents and speech variations.


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Jan 17, 2024
What's new about this app? Apple's Notes app does a similar task and it's totally free with unlimited audio

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Pros and Cons


Voice to text conversion
Adaptive note rewriting
Supports varied expression range
Multiformat note utilization
Task organization aid
Email drafting tool
Enhanced productivity
Suitable for wide userbase
Basic and pro versions
Text note taking
Effortless transcription
Reduces chaotic ideas
Available as webApp
Fast idea sorting
Transcribe thoughts
Professional text generation
Improved communication and networking
Expressive and recording versatility
Options for upgrading
User testimonial credibility
Try before buy option
Accommodates speech variations
Ability to take unlimited notes
Provides effective title generation
Supports exercise while thinking
Accommodates background running
Conversion of ideas into tasks
Efficient thought transcribing
Easy idea capturing
Improves style in writing
Real time transcriptions
Different plan options
Affordable pricing
Positive user reviews
Continuous software improvements
App version anticipation
Idea sharing made easy
Effective Speech Recognition
Versatile tool for professionals


No offline functionality
Limited voice notes duration
No background running function
No Mac application available
Pro version cost
No clear workflow integration
No adaptive learning feature
No multi-language support
No collaboration feature
Lacks sentiment analysis


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