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Edited human-like audio for content creation.
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Audyo is an AI tool designed to create and edit human-like voices by typing. The tool allows for easy creation of audio content by simply editing words, rather than manipulating waveform data.

Additionally, users can switch speakers and tweak pronunciations using phonetics, providing greater customization options for the resulting audio. The tool is marketed as a way to streamline the audio creation process, as users can quickly and easily generate high-quality audio content with minimal effort.

Furthermore, Audyo can be accessed through sign-in with Google, adding an extra level of convenience for users. Overall, Audyo is positioned as a useful tool for content creators looking to incorporate high-quality audio into their projects without the need for advanced audio editing expertise.


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Audyo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Editable words, not waveforms
Switch speakers feature
Customizable pronunciations with phonetics
High-quality audio output
Minimal effort required
Ease in audio content creation
Good for non-expert users
Google sign-in convenience
Optimized for content creators


Limited to text input
Requires Google sign-in
No waveform editing
Limited speaker choice
No downloadable version
Lack of advanced editing
Limited pronunciation tweaking
Dependent on internet connection


What is Audyo?
How does Audyo work?
How do I use Audyo to create audio content?
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Can Audyo edit specific word pronunciations?
What skills do I need to use Audyo effectively?
How can Audyo streamline my audio creation process?
Can I sign in to Audyo with Google?
What does it mean to edit words, not waveforms?
What quality can I expect from the audio created by Audyo?
Who is Audyo best suited for?
Does Audyo require any advanced audio editing expertise?
How quickly can I generate audio content with Audyo?
Can I customize the audio output in Audyo?
What advantages does Audyo offer to content creators?
Is Audyo a free tool?
How can I access Audyo?
Is Audyo safe to use?
Can Audyo convert typed text to speech?
What level of audio customization does Audyo offer?


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