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Amplify productivity with your personal AI assistant.
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Augment is a personal AI assistant built to enhance productivity for professionals by streamlining digital tasks. The tool offers a range of functions aimed at improving productivity, with features designed to support the recall and summarization of information across different applications.

It helps users remember details, type less, and read faster, working inside all the apps users are familiar with. Augment learns and adapts to how individuals interact and engages with the world.

It has the capacity to capture key moments automatically, facilitating users to concentrate on the task at hand. It supports functionalities across all meeting platforms and applications without the need for integrations.

Augment includes features for summarizing and gathering insights, as well as providing writing support that can adapt to the user's tone. In terms of data security, all users' data are encrypted using industry-standard methods and the tool emphasizes a commitment to privacy and security, including GDPR & CCPA compliances with a SOC2 Type 2 certification.

The tool positions itself as an assistant that enhances the use of everyday apps, offering features such as speaker detection and AI-powered highlighter while making a commitment to placing user privacy as a top priority.

Despite its personalization features, Augment emphasizes the users' sole ownership over their data.


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Augment AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Boosts productivity
Immersive experience
Works across platforms
Auto-saves app data
Summarizes web page information
Summarizes meeting audio
Creates personalized content
Adapts to your workflow
Works with any application
Crafts emails in user voice
Auto note-taking in meetings
Creates meeting agendas
Personalized recall system
Brainstorm functionality
Strong privacy protections
User data control
SOC2 Type 2 compliance
Integrated experience within apps
Controlled by simple shortcut
Context-aware interface
Task automation
Integrated writing support
Data encryption
GDPR Compliance
CCPA Compliance
Supports all meeting platforms
Data is encrypted
Personalization focus
Speaker detection feature
Offers automatic capture
Adaptive functionality within apps
Enterprise-level security
Helps read faster
Assists in personalizing emails
Facilitates information recall
Type less with auto-fill
Facilitates faster content digestion
Supports professional task management
Adapts to individual's interaction
Assists in understanding context
Offers insight and summaries
Ensures users own their data
Committed to user privacy
User-friendly design
Improves productivity across apps


Only for MacOS
No integration requirement
Automatic transcription limited
Requires screen recording permission
Over-reliance on permissions
Limited meeting platform support
Requires device-level permissions
Relies on cloud storage
Potential overreach in visibility
Currently free (future cost?)


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