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Mobile writing assistant for grammar.
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Auri.AI is an AI Writing Assistant that provides powerful tools to help you write faster, smarter, and mistake-free in any app and any language. It is available as a mobile keyboard, and has a range of features to help you write better.

Auri can correct spelling and grammar mistakes, help you write sentences and paragraphs, translate words, paraphrase text, and even draft emails. The keyboard supports 25+ languages and has 25+ themes for customizing the look.

Additionally, it has a chatbot that can help you with questions, brainstorming, and fact-checking. Auri AI is privacy-first by design, and doesn’t access or collect any sensitive data.

It is available on the App Store and has been receiving rave reviews from users.


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Auri.AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Works on any device
Supports 25+ languages
25+ themes
Good reviews
Spelling & grammar correction
Sentence & paragraph composition
Text translator
Paraphrasing tool
Email drafting
In-app chatbot
App and browser compatibility
Quick brainstorming feature
Factual fact-checking
Continued writing against writer's block
Smart text summarizing
Customizable keyboard
Aids non-native English speakers
Rewriting without loss of originality
Available for free
No sensitive data access
Provides magic grammar correction
Full access with internet connection
Editing in built-in text editor
Text correction on selection
Reverts to original text
Free trial with full access
Suitable for all apps


iOS exclusive
Subscriptions for full features
Internet-dependent features
Limited paraphrasing for long texts
Possible inactivity without Full Access
Limited color themes
Full Access grants internet connection
Limited language support (25 languages)
Restricted mobile keyboard functionalities
Requires full restart after reinstallation


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Is Auri.AI only for mobile use?
How do users review Auri.AI?
Is Auri.AI available on the App Store?
What makes Auri.AI different from other writing AI?
Can Auri.AI help me write sentences or paragraphs?
What is the 'Help Me Write' feature in Auri.AI?
How does Auri.AI handle privacy and user data?
Does Auri.AI work with specific apps?
Can I use Auri.AI in multiple languages?

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