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AI learns from you and drafts answers to all your emails
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Auto Gmail connects directly to your inbox, trains on all your past email data to learn how you write and who you are and drafts email responses automatically to every inbound message you receive.

It is the best way of saving hours every day. Instead of improving your productivity with shortcuts or apps like Superhuman, simply let our AI learn about you and answer all your emails instead of you.

You don't need to click or instruct the AI, it works on mobile and desktop and writes emails even when you're not in Gmail. Upon opening your inbox, you'll see the new drafts, ready to be sent.

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May 5, 2024
Really proud that our tool also works on mobile!
Aug 5, 2023
There is no prompt page, the software does not produce useful answers, neither taking over the style from my previous Emails. Biggest Issue is the missing Prompt page, you can not communicate with your AI! Once its set up its making Drafts, sometimes it hangs out and makes a lot of drafts for one mail. Its not the AI you would pay for!
May 5, 2024
Hey! We'd love to have you test our tool again after a year! It should work much better now :)

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Auto Gmail was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 11th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Simplifies connecting Gmail accounts
Automates login process
Eliminates manual entry
Quick Google authorization
Streamlines Gmail to app connection
Remembers login credentials
Automatic login
Time-saving feature
Efficient workflow
Eliminates login hassle


Limited to Gmail accounts
Reliance on stored credentials
Potential security risks
No multi-factor authentication support
Dependence on reliable internet
Lack any offline functionality
Not compatible with non-Google apps
May not comply with certain data privacy policies
No support for business/enterprise Gmail accounts
Lacks user activity tracking


What is Auto Gmail?
How does Auto Gmail connect to my Gmail account?
What applications can I connect my Gmail account with using Auto Gmail?
How does Auto Gmail aid in authorizing with Google?
Do I have to remember my Gmail login information when using Auto Gmail?
How does Auto Gmail handle my login information securely?
Can Auto Gmail handle multiple Gmail accounts?
Does using Auto Gmail save me time?
How does Auto Gmail automate the Gmail login process?
How often do I need to input my Gmail credentials into Auto Gmail?
Is it safe to use Auto Gmail for automating my Gmail login process?
Does Auto Gmail work with third-party applications that need access to my Gmail?
Does Auto Gmail run in the background or need to be manually launched?
Can Auto Gmail help in eliminating the need to manually log in to my Gmail account?
Is Auto Gmail easy to use?
Does Auto Gmail work on all devices?
Where can I download Auto Gmail?
Is there a cost associated with Auto Gmail?
Do I need any special permissions to use Auto Gmail?
Can Auto Gmail remember my Gmail login credentials for long term?

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