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Monitored, debugged, and tested product development.
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Autoblocks is a full-stack LLMOps platform that provides monitoring, debugging, and testing capabilities for AI products. It allows users to build better AI products by offering features such as prompt management, observability, continuous evaluations, fine-tuning, A/B experimentation, and snapshot testing.

Autoblocks enables users to prototype and backtest their LLM (Labeling, Logging, Monitoring) pipeline, facilitating testing of changes before deploying them to production.

One of Autoblocks' key functionalities is the ability to debug and organize user interactions. Users can trace entire user interactions and analyze how each step of their orchestration affects user experience.

It also offers A/B test insights visualization through dashboards, helping users better understand their application.Autoblocks seamlessly integrates with any codebase or tech stack, making it suitable for enterprises.

It boasts enterprise-grade LLMOps capabilities, including scalable data ingestion and search, powerful collaboration features for debugging and prompting, and support from a team of AI experts.

The platform prioritizes robust security and privacy, with features such as data encryption, single sign-on (SSO), continuous security monitoring, and compliance auditing.Autoblocks offers different pricing plans to cater to varying needs, including a free plan for essential observability, a builder plan for getting AI products into production, and a growth plan for a full LLMOps stack.

Each plan includes different features, teams, event limits, and additional benefits like pipeline replay, smart replay insights, custom alerts, and shared Slack channel support.Overall, Autoblocks is a comprehensive tool that enables users to monitor, debug, and test their AI products, empowering them to build better AI solutions with improved performance and user experience.


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