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Revolutionize your video editing with AutoCut
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AutoCut is a robust plugin developed specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro to automate and streamline the video and podcast editing process. The tool intelligently applies various AI-based mechanisms such as removing silences to create a more fluid audiovisual experience, detecting repetitions and keeping only the best takes, applying automatic J-Cut & L-Cut edits, and automating the deployment of relevant B-roll footages.

Additionally, it enhances the interactive part of the content by adding animated subtitles that sync with the audio, thus, improving user engagement. The AutoCut tool also provides features like AutoResize and AutoZoom intended to improve the visibility and focus of the subject in the videos, thereby making the content more immersive.

Furthermore, it offers the AutoProfanity filter feature that automates the detection and masking of profanities in the videos dialogue, maintaining the integrity of the content.

Finally, it aids in the editing of podcasts, allowing the user to activate specific cameras based on the sound input from mirrored microphones. AutoCut's overall goal is to help the user manage zooms, animations, transitions, etc., making the video dynamic and captivating.


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AutoCut was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Adobe Premiere Pro integration
Automates video editing
Streamlines podcast editing
Automatic silence removal
Detects repetitions
Automated J-Cut & L-Cut edits
B-roll footage deployment
Adds animated subtitles
Syncs subtitles with audio
Improves user engagement
AutoResize feature
AutoZoom feature
Enhances video visibility
Focuses on video subject
Makes videos immersive
AutoProfanity filter
Automates profanity detection
Masks profanities in dialogue
Maintains content integrity
Assists in camera activation
Space management in videos
Creates dynamic videos
Automatic stock video addition
Edits podcast visually
Automatic dialogue sync
Animated caption addition
One-click subtitle transformation
Automated silence detection
Removes unwanted repetitions
Automated social media formatting
Automated video centering
Profanity masking with effects
Relevant B-Roll addition
Satisfactory user reviews
Over 10k+ satisfied users
Over 30M Precision Cuts
Auto-generated video sequences
Free 14-days trial
No credit card required
Customer success support
Fair subscription pricing
Unlink key feature
Single key multi-computer use
Subscriptions cancellable at any time
Single-click animated captions
Customizable output formats


Only for Adobe Premiere Pro
Less effective indoor recording
Possible over-cutting errors
Subscription needed for all features
Inadequate handling of complex scenes
Prone to detecting false positives
Limited language support on AutoCaptions
Does not support Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve
Animated subtitles may not align perfectly
AutoZoom may lose focus on multiple subjects


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How does the AutoCut AI plugin enhance the interactive part of content?
Is there any user limit for using the AutoCut license on multiple computers?
What is the AutoProfanity filter feature in AutoCut?
What customer support is available if I encounter difficulties when using AutoCut?
Does AutoCut support any language-specific subtitles?
How does the AutoB-Roll feature in AutoCut work?
Can AutoCut be used for commercial purposes?
What are the pricing options for AutoCut plugin?

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