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AutoKT is a developer-centric documentation engine that aims to simplify the process of writing and maintaining documentation for codebases. It automates the documentation process by integrating with version control systems and generating documentation for code changes.The AutoKT Engine analyzes code changes pushed to the version control hub and generates documentation based on the overall repository structure.

It takes into account both modified and newly added code and generates documentation accordingly. This generative engine can be triggered either by code changes or on user demand.The documentation generated by AutoKT can be reviewed and approved by developers using a diff viewer.

The engine provides a familiar way of viewing changes in the updated documentation and learns from developer approvals to improve its output. It features a diff markdown viewer and a feedback loop to streamline the approval process.All approved documentation is stored as vector embeddings, allowing anyone on the team to easily query the documentation using a semantic search.

This feature provides a context-aware interface for asking questions about the codebase, saving time for both new and existing team members.AutoKT aims to ensure that documentation remains up-to-date and relevant by adapting to code changes and developer churn.

It addresses the challenge of writing documentation in a dynamic development environment where shipping features and fixing bugs take priority.


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AutoKT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 24th 2023.

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