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Automating various tasks across applications.
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Automaited is an AI-powered automation software designed to streamline and simplify various tasks for companies. The tool enables users to automate tasks with just the click of a button, without requiring any technical knowledge.

The software offers a wide range of use cases, including automating processes such as Excel to ERP integration, PDF to SAP conversion, and Excel to JIRA synchronization.

The tool supports over 1,000 applications, including popular platforms like LinkedIn, Hubspot, Gmail, and Slack, among others.Using Automaited, teams can save time and increase productivity by offloading repetitive tasks to the AI.

The software can handle tasks that range from changing customer data, importing applicant data into applicant tracking systems, writing customized outreach emails, entering order data, updating CRM, to updating ERP data.

The tool offers instant automation across various applications, ensuring seamless and efficient data transfer between different platforms.Automaited provides a straightforward process for users to get started, which includes booking a demo to understand the capabilities of the tool, connecting their tools to be automated, and enjoying the benefits of time-saving and efficient automation.

The software supports different use cases, such as entering and transferring data, creating text, comparing text or data, summarizing content, and reading data from various sources.The effectiveness of Automaited has been recognized by industry experts, including Professor Wil van der Aalst, known as the "Godfather of Process Mining." Testimonials from satisfied users highlight the significant time saved and the improved performance and error reduction achieved through the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Supports over 1,000 applications
No technical knowledge required
Automates Excel to ERP integration
Automates PDF to SAP conversion
Automates Excel to JIRA synchronization
Handles repetitive tasks
Automates customer data changing
Automates applicant data import
Automates creating customized outreach emails
Automates order data entry
Automates CRM updating
Automates ERP data updating
Seamless data transfer
Supports text creation
Supports text or data comparison
Supports content summarization
Supports data reading from various sources
Awarded by industry experts
User testimonials of improved performance
User testimonials of error reduction
User testimonials of time saving
Book a demo feature
Empowers teams without need of engineers
Fast setup time
Positive ROI
Handle attended processes
Works without deep technical integration
Fast automation available
Offers 30-day trial
Supports popular platforms like LinkedIn, Hubspot, Gmail, Slack
Extracts real-time data
Allows creation of Jira tickets from emails
Recognizes recurring patterns
Reduces error rate in task processing
Tailors technology to internal processes
Empowers non-technical users
Supports creating emails from bullet point notes
Supports obtaining necessary data for automation
Enables lead lists creation from LinkedIn
Supports creating order tickets from Excel
Offers data comparison between invoices and financials
Supports reduction of meeting minutes
Supports implementation in closed IT architectures
Automates tasks with just a click
Supports web-based applications
Supports proprietary applications


No offline capabilities
Requires installation
Desktop application support limited
Only web-based application friendly
Onboarding requires brief meeting
Contextual questions during task recording
48-hour delay in automation setup
Lacks deep technical integration
Limited to attended processes
Individual solution needed for closed IT architecture


What is Automaited?
What tasks can Automaited handle?
What kind of applications does Automaited support?
How can teams benefit from using Automaited?
Does Automaited require technical knowledge to use?
How can I automate tasks using Automaited?
Can Automaited integrate data from Excel to ERP or JIRA?
How do users get started with Automaited?
Can Automaited help in writing customized outreach emails?
Does Automaited support various use cases such as comparing and summarizing content?
Can I book a demo to understand Automaited's capabilities?
What industry experts have recognized Automaited's effectiveness?
Can I use Automaited's tool if I don't know how to build automations or what to automate?
How does Automaited ensure seamless data transfer?
Can I connect my tools to Automaited?
Can Automaited help in updating CRM or ERP data?
What makes Automaited different compared to other automation tools?
Does Automaited offer support for any issues faced during use?
Can anyone access or use the Automaited tool?
Are there specific applications Automaited does not support?

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