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AI create your tasks with modern project management app.
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AutoPM is a project management application designed to leverage artificial intelligence in automating project tasks. This tool employs Google's Gemini AI capabilities, aiming to simplify project management.

Instead of manually creating tasks or tickets on a complex project management software, users can use AutoPM to have these tasks created automatically.

The application presents a modern, minimalistic interface to enhance user experience. It reduces time spent on task creation by leaving it to AI, enhancing efficiency so that users can focus more on actual project execution.

Although offering automation, the tool upholds data safety by not sharing data with third parties. It ensures that data management practices may vary based on usage, region, and age, and the data collected is encrypted in transit.

The tool gives users the agency to request that their data be deleted. Targeted at individuals wishing to adopt AI tools in their project management routine, AutoPM is a productivity tool that caters to the contemporary needs of project management.


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AutoPM was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates task creation
Modern, minimalistic interface
Time-saving efficiency
Upholds data safety
No third-party data sharing
Varied data management practices
Data encryption in transit
Option for data deletion
Targeted at modern project management
Available on Google Play
Makes project management simpler
Improves project execution
Enhances productivity
Personalizable task automation
User-friendly experience
Compatible on multiple devices
Privacy control included
Transparent data collection
Developed by trusted developer


No mentioned compatibility with other project management tools
Doesn't mention offline capabilities
No clear crisis response protocol
Data management varies by age, region
Request for data deletion required


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Can users request for their data to be deleted in AutoPM?
Who is the target audience for AutoPM?
Why would I need AutoPM if I have traditional project management software?
Is AutoPM suitable for managing large scale projects?
How does AutoPM adapt to different project management routines?
Is AutoPM available on Google Play Store?
How is the interface design of AutoPM?
What makes AutoPM a modern tool for project management?
Can AutoPM customize task creation for individual projects and users?
Does AutoPM provide support for technical issues or queries?

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