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Predict your car's lifespan with AI.
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AutoPredict is an innovative tool that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to predict the lifespan of a car based in the UK. The AI tool analyzes a vast range of data points to determine and provide an accurate estimate of a vehicle's longevity.

The core feature allows users to understand how long their car may last, aiding in various decision-making processes. Additionally, AutoPredict offers an API for businesses who want to incorporate the prediction and statistics functionality into their own systems, creating an opportunity for broader usage and custom applications.

AutoPredict also maintains a blog that provides insights and statistics developed during the continuous evolution of their AI model, offering valuable information about their constantly improving methodology.

While originally designed for individual use, its applications extend beyond personal use, acting as an essential tool in areas like the automotive industry, asset management, and fleet management.


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AutoPredict was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Predicts car longevity
Uses 100 million datapoints
Provides vehicle statistics
Licensed status details
MOT history data
API integration available
Supports third-party services
Blog provides model insights
User-friendly interface
Privacy-friendly cookie policy
Aids decision-making
Used in fleet management
Useful in asset management
UK specific information
Vast data analysis
Big data analytics
Fosters predictive decision-making
Helps car maintenance planning
Opens up custom applications
Provides insights into methodology
Scalable for business use
Twitter presence
Linkedin presence
Supports personalized usage
Automotive industry application
MOT check feature
Includes make and model stats
Offers negative statistics
Provides positive statistics


UK-specific only
No multi-language support
No mobile app
Dependent on available data
Lacks real-time updates
Limited statistical insights


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