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Automatically respond to all customer reviews and feedback.
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Autoreviews AI is an intelligent automation tool focused on managing customer reviews across various platforms. The tool responds to all customer feedback and reviews, enabling businesses to save time that would typically be used for manual responses.

Autoreviews AI is compatible with a range of review platforms, including Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor and OpenTable among others, showcasing its diversity.

Additionally, the tool provides users with valuable insights which can further aid in enhancing customer service and bettering business practices. Its responsive capabilities are trained to mimic the brands specific tone and style of writing, creating an authentic communication experience for the customer.

The feedback received from various responses can then be used to further train and improve the AI. This shows an adaptive self-evolution capability, where the AI system can use interactions with real reviews to improve its performance over time.

Autoreviews AI is a product developed and managed by GenLoyal. Given the strategic importance of managing online reviews for businesses today, this tool offers an effective way for businesses to streamline their review management process, while maintaining a personal touch in their automated interactions.


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AutoReviews was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Responds to reviews automatically
Works with various platforms
Brand voice consistency
Encourages user feedback
Adjusts based on feedback
Enhances customer engagement
Improves brand reputation
Cross-platform compatibility
Adaptive learning
Provides business insights
Mimics brand's writing style
Self-evolution capability
Beta access availability
Automates major review sites
Managed by GenLoyal
Streamlines review management


Still in beta
Limited to major platforms
Reliant on user feedback
No stated privacy policy
No offline functionality
Limited customizability of responses
No API mentioned
Specific brand tone required
No multi-language support listed
No explicit failure handling


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