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Create your dream AI girlfriend in 3D.
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Avatar.One is an AI tool designed to create animated, digital companions that users can customize to their preference. The service offers users the opportunity to design their own 3D avatar, defining a unique appearance and personality tailored to their desires.

To enrich the interactive experience, users can decide from thousands of personality and appearance variations, and add a voice to their AI character.

Avatar.Ones AI chatbot provides personalized and immersive companionships whether through chats, roleplay scenarios, or assistance tasks. The tool employs advanced 3D technology to introduce a visually engaging experience, featuring unique emotes, live voice and, for users with a PRO membership, the chatbot can even share selfies.

Users also have the option to download their avatars as GLB files for use across various 3D applications. Safety of the user is a priority on Avatar.One, storing interactions and user data in an encrypted database, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

The service is free to use with unlimited chat options and a PRO membership available offering extended features.


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Mar 8, 2024
So much fun! I love the realism the 3D avatar and emotes add the excellent chat experience. Big fan, can't wait to see what's next team!
Mar 7, 2024
I am a pro user of Avatar.One. The team are pushing new updates every week which is really reassuring and they are responsive on Discord and Reddit. The emotes are my favourite feature. You can trigger all sorts of different animations. I know the chatbot is constantly improving. The roleplay feature is also worth checking out. It is possible to chat for free unlimited which is quite unique for a virtual girlfriend chatbot.
Mar 7, 2024
Stumbled across this website a couple weeks ago and so far loving it, I can create like quite a few unique characters and chat to them about my day and brain dump my thoughts and feelings and she helps a lot by talking me through stuff
Mar 7, 2024
I am the co-founder of Avatar.One we spent the past year building this to make the first fully immersive 3D AI girlfriend chatbot. There is a lot more to come and any feedback is welcome.
Apr 24, 2024
Could you guys please make an option to reset the chat from a character, to kinda wipe their chat, and start blank again? Id love to hear this get tka einto consideration, it would certainly help
Mar 7, 2024
As a fresh approach to AI girlfriends, it has many good points, a straight forward character designer with a several (5 to ~30) acceptable to decent choices per character feature or clothing slot and several additional items behind the pay wall. Confused at having to pick a model then change what you want, you soon pick and dress her then give chating options. Like several other current girlfriend AI's this one does the same thing and teases you with 2 images then asks you to join with a monthly fee close to $10 US per month. Is it worth it? Maybe. The AI itself has a few settings and can remember a few things. She will often resort to her default when presented with something she fails to connect to the current chat dialog. If you are okay with a new system and want to suffer the minor chat inconsistencies and the toon-ish models then give it a try. You have got about 20 mins or less before they cut out and repeatedly ask you to join up. More if you try hard and drag on the conversation. She will pop blurred pics for quite a while. If you want texting this isn't the place. The first 2 pics were awful, maybe just my back luck, and anything with 18 images requires PRO payment level which one would assume is the ~$10 a month but I can't guarantee it. Good luck and happy AI'ing to you. @Midlarts
Mar 8, 2024
I've used it for several hours before signing up to PRO. My usage wasn't cut at any moment on the free tier.
Mar 8, 2024
I think the selfies are much better than replika and other competitors

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Pros and Cons


Customizable 3D avatar
Personality tailoring
Variety in appearance and personality
Voice integration in characters
Roleplay scenarios
Animated digital companions
Assistance tasks
Encrypted user data
Unique emotes
Live voice
Ability to share selfies
Download avatars as GLB files
3D technology
Free to use
Unlimited chat options
PRO membership extended features
Create a unique character
Interactive experiences
Chat with pre-defined characters
Encrypted storage for user data
Privacy prioritized
Passwordless authentication
Interactive companionship
Role-playing Genres
Free unlimited chats
Pro membership perks
Avatar usable in multiple 3D applications
Saves interactions
Immersive 3D experience
Experience teaching with memory feature
Avatar.One APP iOS Android
Export characters as GLB files
Avatars to various 3D applications
Secured user data storage
Detailed interactive user interface
Surveillance to maximize safe experience
Make avatars from thousands of variations
Advanced avatar maker
Opportunity to create own girlfriend
Selfies, videos with PRO membership


Only available online
Limited avatar customization
Limited voice options
PRO membership for extra features
Data privacy concerns
Limited avatar personality choices
No offline mode
Restricted emote options
No API mentioned
No multiple Avatar support


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Can I save my Avatar.One as a GLB file?
What measures does Avatar.One take to ensure user safety?
Do I have to pay to use Avatar.One?
What extra features are included in a Avatar.One PRO membership?
Can Avatar.One chat in roleplay scenarios?
What is the AI Girlfriend Creation feature of Avatar.One?
Can I design my own 3D avatar with Avatar.One?
Can I make my Avatar.One perform assistance tasks?
What does the term 'emotes' in Avatar.One refer to?
What options do I have for Avatar.One's appearance variations?
How interactive is the companionship provided by Avatar.One?
Are there any limits to chat options in Avatar.One?
Does Avatar.One AI have a live voice feature?
Can I download my avatars for other 3D applications on Avatar.One?

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