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Generate photorealistic images of people with AI.
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Avatar AI and Photo AI are advanced artificial intelligence tools designed to generate photorealistic images. Avatar AI specializes in the creation of various avatars in unique styles based on user input.

Photo AI, which claims to be the first AI photographer in the world, simulates real-life photo models and then utilises AI to take 'photos' with them.

These AI powered tools provide a solution for creating highly detailed and realistic images in a wide variety of contexts, from personal use to professional photo shoots, without the need for a real photographer, model, or specific location.

Users can also train their AI model to replicate specific individuals or scenery by feeding it a set of 20 to 30 diverse photos. Further, Photo AI boasts a feature that allows users to try out clothes virtually.

Users simply need to upload a picture of an outfit, and Photo AI dresses the AI model in it. This is particularly useful for online store owners who wish to have unique photos demonstrating their products.

Additionally, there is an option to design photorealistic scenes, ranging from everyday instances to rare and stunning settings. After describing the desired scene, the model will generate a realistic photo that aligns with the user's vision.

Lastly, these tools offer a feature for creating short video clips from the AI-generated photos, providing an immersive virtual reality-like experience.


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Nov 11, 2023

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Pros and Cons


112+ style options
15 styles in one go
8 avatars per style
Produces 120+ avatars
Profile picture capable
Privacy-respectful (deletes images after 24 hours)
User data not sold
Superfast avatar creation (68 seconds)
Affiliate program offering 20% commission
Face resemblance enhancement
Ability to 'copycat' photos
Customizable photo parameters
Advanced settings option
Variety in photo poses
Style, age, ethnicity selection for character
Highly realistic scene design
Clothing try-on feature
Photorealistic renders from sketches (Sketch2Image)
Photorealism and resemblance optimization
Magic Editor for content modification
Respects user ethnicity
Allows both Portraits and landscape orientations
Prompt strength control
Upscale strength control
Step count option for detailing
Selectable samplers giving varied results
Pose selection for photo shoots


Limited facial expressions
Limited avatar poses
Long initial setup time (31min)
Limited to 112+ styles
Long photo generation time
No free trial available
Complex UI and UX
Limited ethnicity selections
Overly complicated advanced settings
Limited options for body types


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