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Generate AI avatars that capture your unique style.
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avtrs.ai is an artificial intelligence tool designed to generate custom avatars based on user-provided selfies. The user uploads photos from different angles, the 'Dreambooth,' and 'Stable diffusion' technologies then process these images to develop personalized avatar spaces.

Users will then use their creativity to write a prompt that will guide the generation of the final avatar. The tool allows users to create avatars that capture a variety of styles and concepts, including detailed digital painting, photorealistic illustrations, baroque style portraits, and even styles that mimic famous artists' works.

The tool functions through both a website and an app, with the app offering more features and faster performance. The provided avatars can be shared and utilized in numerous digital contexts, enriching user's digital representation.

The service is available in both free and premium versions, with the premium version offering additional features such as more avatars, unique styles, faster starts, and absence of ads and watermarks.


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Pros and Cons


Generates unique avatars
Highly detailed avatars
Customizable skin tones
Customizable hairstyles
Customizable clothing
Regular updates
New content available
Futuristic cityscape
Ancient civilizations
Virtual cafe
Style personalization
Selfie based
Digital painter
Photo realistic portrait
Style adaption
Digital representation
Baroque style portrait
App based service
Web based tool
User prompt
Personalized avatar spaces
Detailed digital painting
Photorealistic illustrations
Mimics famous artists' works
Website and App usability
Shareable avatars
Free and Premium versions
More avatars
Unique styles
Faster starts
No ads
No watermarks
Variety of styles
Contextual avatar creation
Detailed avatar creation
Highly customizable avatars
User creative input
Different user angles analysis
In-app notification
Token prizes
Upload multiple selfies
Automated avatar creation process
Artistic avatar styles
Premium for faster starts
Stylish hairdo avatars
Pop art portrait avatars
Dramatic baroque avatars
Cinematic lighting avatars
Photorealistic art-inspired avatars


Requires multiple photo uploads
User guides final outcome
App offers more features
Slower performance on web
Free version has ads
Free version has watermarks
Higher wait time in free
Limited avatars in free
Limited styles in free
Additional cost for premium


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Can the avatars on avtrs.ai be shared on social media?
What is the 'Dreambooth' technology that avtrs.ai uses?
What is the 'Stable diffusion' technology in avtrs.ai?
Is avtrs.ai free to use?
What additional features does the premium version of avtrs.ai offer?
How does the avatar generation process work on avtrs.ai?
What does it mean to create a 'prompt' on avtrs.ai?
Can I create avatars of other people using avtrs.ai tool?
What does 'your studio' mean on avtrs.ai?
What types of photos should I upload for optimal results on avtrs.ai?
Can avtrs.ai create digital paintings?
What are the restrictions on the free version of avtrs.ai?
What does it mean by '25 avatar generation' in the free package of avtrs.ai?

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