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Transform your photos into cartoons.
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AYAYA - AI Collage Generator is an application that enables both professional artists and individuals to manipulate and enhance their photos using AI-based technology.

This app offers users the opportunity to generate unique pieces of artwork in multiple styles, create collages, and edit images using numerous tools. A key feature of this app is an AI Art Generator which can produce a wide range of artwork styles, including but not limited to Oil Painting, Realistic Anime, Matte Painting, and Sci-Fi.

The Collage Maker function lets users create customized compilations of their artwork or selected images, and it includes editing tools that provide control over element size, positioning, and orientation.

Additionally, there is a function allowing you to create personalized cartoon avatars using different style templates. The application guarantees user data protection and aligns with App Store's rules and regulations for additional security.

Individual creations can be shared on social media or used for other personal purposes.


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Pros and Cons


Generates realistic cartoon images
Includes professional templates
Has a comic maker
Offers text balloons
Different types of fonts
Anime wallpapers, lock screens
Allows access to premium templates
Includes filters with VIP subscription
Updated with transparent terms of use
Maintains user privacy
Consistent focus on usability updates
App allows avatar creations
Includes different cartoon styles
Personalized phone look based on mood
Profile picture maker feature
Collages with customized designs
Premium filters in VIP
No Watermarks with subscription
Neat and easy interface
Can share creations on multiple platforms
Offers app subscriptions management
App is frequently updated
Availability on App Store
Designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Supports English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese languages


Only available for iOS
VIP subscription required for premium features
No Android version
Generates watermarks (unless VIP)
Limited cartoon styles
Doesn't support older iOS (prior to 11.0)
Text balloons only in comic maker
Template variety dependent on subscription
Size 92.8 MB
Requires subscription to remove ads


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Can I customize the templates in AYAYA?
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Can AYAYA generate anime wallpapers?
Do I need to have drawing skills to use AYAYA?
Can I share my AYAYA creations on social media?
How does AYAYA protect user privacy?
Are there any in-app purchases in AYAYA?
Which devices is AYAYA compatible with?
How does AYAYA use AI in image editing?
Do I need an internet connection to use AYAYA?
Does AYAYA offer a free trial for the VIP subscription?
What languages is AYAYA available in?

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