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Aggregate, understand, and deliver news content at scale.
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The AYLIEN News API is a tool designed to aggregate, understand, and deliver news content at a large scale. It offers access to a rich blend of public and licensed sources, from which 1.3 million NLP enriched news articles are extracted daily.

Besides aggregating information from a breadth of sources, the tool also facilitates understanding of news content with its AI-powered search feature.

This function is capable of filtering out irrelevant information, recognising over 5.6 million entities, and classifying content into more than 4,500 category and industry tags.

Another distinguishable feature is its data visualization ability, including time series and trend analyses, providing both real-time insights and historical contextual information.

The tool's functionality extends to acting on news data by allowing users to easily send it to applications and models that need it, or create reports to share with stakeholders that need to stay informed.

The AYLIEN News API is available for a 14-day free trial.


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AYLIEN was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Access to 1.4M articles daily
80,000+ public and licensed sources
NLP enriched articles
News aggregation and monitoring
Useful for numerous industries
14-day free trial
No credit card required
Comprehensive documentation
Supported by SDKs
Common workflows, datasets, research papers
Real-time insights
Historical contextual information
Recognises 5.6M+ entities
Classifies 4,500+ categories/tags
Data visualization options
Trend analysis
Filters out irrelevant information
News data accessible to applications/models
Access to public and licensed sources
Tagged, searchable content
News is actionable
Advanced analytical features
Supports building news-driven applications/workflows
Enriches models with NLP content
Enhances risk monitoring processes
Well-established, trusted by big companies
Offers multilingual and translated content
Provides full article search
Performs content deduplication
Offers entity-based search
Smart category/industry tagging
Entity and document level sentiment analysis
Event-based clustering
Tracks volume of mentions over time
Identifies trending topics/entities
Groups news articles by contextual similarity
Trusted by Wells Fargo, Fidelity, IBM, S&P Global
Integration with other applications
Real-time access to enriched, tagged feeds
Allows to send news data easily
Can create shareable reports
Supports building intelligent news-driven applications
Multilingual and translated content
Entity recognition
Content classification
Data visualization for trend analysis
Aggregation at scale


No multi-language support
Limited NLP tags
Only Public and Licensed sources
Lacks custom content categorization
Dependent on external sources
Limited trend analysis
No real-time risk updates
No self-developed news intelligence
Lacks personalization options
No first-party news content


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