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Removed backgrounds with online image editing.
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Background Remover AI is an online tool that uses machine learning or artificial intelligence to remove the background from images and videos. This tool has an open source code available on GitHub and also offers an API for integration with other platforms or applications.

The platform supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others. It is designed to provide accurate and efficient background removal from images and videos, making it useful for a variety of applications such as graphic design, e-commerce, and video editing.

Users can access the tool through the website, where they can upload their images or videos and have the background removed automatically.

The tool has an original result feature that displays the original image alongside the new image with the background removed. The website also offers pricing plans and a login option for users who need to manage their files or API keys.

Background Remover AI is owned by LLC, and they have provided privacy policies, terms of service, and an about us page for users who want to learn more about the tool and the company behind it.


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Pros and Cons


Multi-language support
Open source code
API for integration
Offers original result feature
Website provides pricing plans
Allows user login
Privacy policies provided
Terms of service provided
About us page available
Removes background from images
Removes background from videos
E-commerce application
Graphic design application
Video editing application
Allows file management
Useful for online editing
Owned by LLC
API keys management


Poor video background removal
No bulk upload feature
No free version
Requires login for use
Limited language accuracy
No mobile app
Pricing not clear
No elongated support hours
Limited files support
Less user-friendly interface


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