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Image generation from text prompts.
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Stable Diffusion is an open-source image generation model developed by Stability AI. It enables users to generate images from text prompts such as a description of an object, background, or style.

The model is powered by Baseten and is governed by the CreativeML Open RAIL M License. This allows users to generate images with just a descriptive phrase, such as 'A lion wearing a cowboy hat'.

The model then generates the corresponding image, with the example output provided in the text including a cyberpunk portrait, a lion wearing a cowboy hat, an NFL player scoring a touchdown, and a digital art of a tranquil library on a spaceship.

This tool provides a convenient and powerful way for users to create images from text prompts.


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Pros and Cons


Open-source model
Generates images from text
Various styles and objects
Offers ultra-realistic digital art
Governed by CreativeML License
Can generate detailed scenes
Provides example outputs
Generates custom images
Wide range of prompts
Produces different art genres
Creates imaginative scenarios
Supports complex descriptions
Flexible in image output
Generates images instantly
Hassle-free image creation
Can depict various objects
Easy accessibility via Baseten
Innovative image synthesis
Based on Stable Diffusion
Supports digital art generation


Requires detailed text prompts
No feedback mechanism
Inability to alter generated images
Only handles single prompts
Limited style diversity in output
Over-reliance on licensor Baseten
Lack of multi-language support
Limited use for non-creative purposes


What is Stable Diffusion?
How does Stable Diffusion generate images from text prompts?
What kind of text prompts can Stable Diffusion work with?
Can Stable Diffusion produce ultra-realistic digital art?
Is Stable Diffusion a free tool or does it require a license?
What is Baseten's involvement in Stable Diffusion?
How can I deploy my models on Baseten?
Can Stable Diffusion generate a picture by using the description of an object?
Can Stable Diffusion generate a picture by using the description of a background?
Can Stable Diffusion generate a picture by using the description of a style?
What is the CreativeML Open RAIL M License?
Can Stable Diffusion create an image of 'A lion wearing a cowboy hat'?
Is Stable Diffusion capable of generating a colored pencil drawing style?
Is there a demo available for Stable Diffusion?
Does Stable Diffusion provide example outputs?
What kind of images can be created with Stable Diffusion?
Where can I find more information about Stable Diffusion's development?
Can I generate any kind of image using only text prompts in Stable Diffusion?
Who developed the Stable Diffusion?
Can I use Stable Diffusion for generating images for commercial purpose?

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