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Generate beautiful, realistic images with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to generate realistic and beautiful images. Contrary to other AI art tools, prides itself on being more affordable, without the need for recurring subscription fees and with credits that never expire.

The tool operates on a pay-for-use basis, where users only pay for the actual processing time they use, eliminating costs for idle time. Additionally, it offers the unique feature of earning credits by sharing creations and receiving tips. aims to be a cost-effective and easy alternative to buying or renting a GPU for AI art creation, as it eliminates upfront costs, setup or install processes, cost for idle time, expiring credits, and content restrictions.

On the Bashable platform, users can generate images, view a showcase of recent creations, and compare their service with others. They also offer support and have detailed terms and conditions to ensure it's clear how the platform should be used.

NOTE: This description is subject to the current functionalities as of the time of writing and may evolve over time.


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Pros and Cons


No subscription fees
Never expiring credits
Pay only for processing time
Free image generation available
Earn credits by sharing
Avoids GPU purchase or rental
No cost for idle time
Showcase of recent creations
Comparison with other services
Customer support provided
Terms and conditions clarity
Generates realistic images
Up to 8K resolution
Applies advanced techniques
Multiple art styles
Detailed and vibrant images
Caters to various subject matters
No setup or install
No content restrictions
No upfront costs


Limited art styles
Requires credits for extensive processing
No free extensive processing
Depends on user tips
No hardware alternatives
No offline functionality
No APIs for integration
No detail enhancement features
No real-time creation preview


What is
What types of images can generate?
How much does it cost to use
Do I need a subscription for
How can I earn credits on
Can I use for free?
What are the image resolutions can create?
How does compare to a GPU or cloud GPU?
What are the unique features of
What does pay-for-use mean on
Can I view other users' creations on
What are the art styles can generate?
Does offer customer support?
How does ensure its images are realistic?
What techniques does use for image generation?
How are the images composed on
How can I share my generated images from
Is cheaper than buying or renting a GPU?
Are there any restrictions on the content generated by
Is a cost-effective alternative for AI art creation?

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