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All-in-one platform for creators on Instagram and TikTok.
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Beacons is a free and comprehensive platform designed specifically for creators on social media sites, such as Instagram and TikTok. Through an integrated set of tools, creators can manage different aspects of their online presence.

This includes a 'link in bio' feature set that collects all the creator's links into one place, customized to the creator's preferences. Beacons also provides a built-in email marketing tool, allowing creators to devise and execute email strategies directly from the platform.

Users can create online storefronts to sell products, courses, memberships, and services, and an invoicing system is included to streamline the payment process.

Further features include AI-based brand outreach programs, which support faster pitching to brands, and an income dashboard where creators can synchronise and monitor their finances.

Creators can use Beacons to manage their audience, create short URLs, track post activity, generate W-9 tax forms, and calculate pricing for sponsored content.

Powered by AI, Beacons aims to provide a full-featured platform that meets the diversified needs of online creators.

Beacons was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free usage
Integrated tool set
'Link in bio' feature
Customizable creator pages
Built-in email marketing
Enables online storefronts
Includes invoicing system
Financial tracking dashboard
Hosts creator audience management
Short URL creator
Activity tracker for posts
Generates W-9 tax forms
Sponsored content pricing calculator
Inclusive for Instagram and TikTok creators
Platform for social media management
Functioning as an influencer marketing tool
Can be personalized per creator's preference
Enables setting up of courses, memberships
Service selling feature available
QR Code generator
Platform supports media kit creation
Tools to manage creator finances
Early payout requests options
All-in-one creator management platform
Link shortener
Post activity tracking
Audience manager
On-platform emails to fan
Potential for passive income
Automated media kit updating
Toolkit for brand deal execution
Income synchronization
In-built price calculator
Post analytics
No code design
Custom insights for creators
Creator community centric platform
Accessible via mobile app
Easy to customize website


Limited to Instagram and TikTok
No desktop application
No LinkedIn integration
No multi-language support
Lack of advanced analytics
Lacks customer service support
Limited design customization
Lacks API for integrations


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How does the invoicing system of Beacons streamline the payment process?
Can I use Beacons to track post activity?
Does Beacons help in generating W-9 tax forms?
How does Beacons calculate pricing for sponsored content?
Can I use Beacons to manage my finances?
What is the AI-based brand outreach program in Beacons?
Does Beacons provide a built-in email marketing tool?
Does Beacons power its platform with AI technology?
How can I use Beacons to create short URLs?
Is Beacons free to use?
Can I use Beacons to monitor my income?
Can Beacons help me pitch to brands faster?
What are the features of Beacons 2.0?
How can I download the Beacons app?
Can I devise and execute email strategies directly from the Beacons platform?


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