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"Custom templates & media for presentations."
Generated by ChatGPT is an online presentation maker that makes it easy to create stunning presentations in minutes. It has hundreds of smart slides built with AI-assisted design, so users can present ideas in an impactful yet efficient way.

The platform features customizable templates, millions of free stock photos and videos, and animation capabilities. It also has advanced analytics, secure sharing and collaboration tools, and voice narration to help users create the best presentations possible.

Additionally, offers a Team Plan that not only allows teams to collaborate easily, but also provides shared team slides and themes, so they can make sure their presentations are consistently creative and on-brand.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable templates
Free stock photos and videos
Animation capabilities
Advanced analytics
Secure sharing and collaboration tools
Voice narration
Team collaboration features
Shared team slides and themes
Browser-based tool
Integration with Slack, Dropbox, PowerPoint,
DesignerBot for quick design
Efficient editing controls
Customizable brand themes
Searchable slide library
Ability to add audio
Curated, pre-designed templates
Export to PowerPoint
Enables remote collaboration
Shared team content libraries
Centralized billing
Single sign-in
Built-in design rules
Downloadable for offline presentations
Diverse use cases covered
Automatic slide animations
Detailed help articles
Free plans for students
Offers for individual power users
Offers for small/medium businesses
Offers for large organizations
Curated presentation templates
Past presentation search
Automatic content adaptation
Offline player for presentations
Professional layout design
Audience engagement features
Over 1 million users
Computer-based desktop player
Automatic design adaptation
Online colors and fonts
Compatible with Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay
Drag handle for image resizing
Automatic branding consistency


Limited sharing options
Dependent on internet connection
Limited customazation options
Features may overwhelm beginners
No offline usage
Limited integrations
Animations might be too automatic
Reliance on templates
Voice narration might not support multiple languages


What is
How does use AI in designing presentations?
What is DesignerBot and how can it assist in creating presentations?
What customization options does provide for presentations?
What kind of slide templates can I find on
What is the Team Plan on and what extra features does it offer?
What are the specific applications of for marketing, sales, and startups?
Does offer any plans suitable for students or educational purposes?
What integrations does support?
Does offer any analytics for the presentations?
What type of media can I use in my presentations?
Can I narrate my slides on
How does sharing and collaboration work on
Can I use my own brand's themes and templates on
Can I create animations in presentations?
How can I search for specific slide templates or layouts on
Is it possible to present offline using
Can I export presentations to PowerPoint?
How does's pricing work?
Do I need to have design skills to use


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