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AI assistant for viral LinkedIn posts, sounding like you.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool designed to help users, particularly freelancers, increase their LinkedIn presence by creating engaging and personalized posts.

It leverages AI to find the latest trends within the user's niche, helping them to attract more clients and boost their revenue. analyzes given LinkedIn posts to copy a user's tone of voice and learn about their business.

It is systematically designed to research trending insights related to the user's business that are likely to receive high engagement from their audience.

These insights are generated from a multi-platform search and are quality checked. A key feature of is its ability to create personalized posts.

It sifts through trending articles related to the user's business and creates unique, engagement-boosting posts, ensuring the tone aligns with the user's personal style.

With easy setup, users can benefit from a consistent flow of authentic trending posts delivered directly to their WhatsApp every week. It aims to save freelancers time by doing the more time-consuming part of content creation for them, allowing them to focus on their primary tasks.

Becca was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Identifies LinkedIn trends
Boosts LinkedIn presence
Creates personalized posts
Adapts to user's tone
Tailored to user's niche
Generates high-engagement insights
Geared towards freelancers
Direct delivery to WhatsApp
Easy setup
Time-saving content creation
Supporting business growth
Content curation automation
Voice Mimicry
Multifaceted trend analysis
Quality checked content
Finds latest business-related trends
Saves time on content creation
Increases brand awareness
Weekly LinkedIn post automation
Simple copy-paste posting process
Provides detailed post reports
User-friendly setup and use
Personalized content with zero effort
Relevant and engaging post generation
Time management optimization
Audience engagement booster
Elevates professional online presence
Expands client reach
Boosts revenue by driving engagement
In-depth business niche understanding
Adapts to user's writing style
Understands user's audience
Ensures consistency in posting
Posts align with latest trends
Post creation requires minimal user input
Increases leads through network marketing
Targets multi-platform trends and insights
Turns articles into unique posts
Supports authority and relevance in field
Helps users stand out in market
Analyzes business's competitive advantage
Refines content strategy with trending insights
Transforms trend research into actionable content
Provides professional growth tools
User-consistent voice in content generation
Comprehensive LinkedIn content tool
Delivers time and cost-efficient solution
Offers multiple affordable plans
Access to rich research capabilities
Plan options to suit different needs
Supports user's passion, minimizing content struggle


Only for LinkedIn
Posts limited to WhatsApp
Cant auto post on LinkedIn
Overly reliant on consistent tone
No multi-language support
Expensive for higher frequency
Information cut-off till April 2023
On-demand version not subscription based


What is
How does increase a user's LinkedIn presence?
How does identify market trends on LinkedIn?
What is the 'voice mimicry' feature of
How do freelancers stand to benefit from using
How can assist with personal brand growth on LinkedIn?
How does personalize LinkedIn posts?
How does deliver the created content to users?
How does help freelancers save time?
Does offer any analytics or reports on engagement?
How does learn about a user’s business?
In what ways is a better tool than ChatGPT for LinkedIn posts?
Does post automatically on my LinkedIn profile?
Why does need my WhatsApp number?
How often does send personalized content to one's WhatsApp?
What’s the setup process like for
Does offer a trial period?
If I don’t like a post created by can I edit it?
What’s the pricing for services?
What are the different plans offered by for freelancers?

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