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Chatbot for customer support.
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BeeHelp Assistant is a free AI-powered chatbot that provides 24/7 assistance to customers and users by answering their questions about products and services.

It utilizes the technology of OpenAI's chatGPT to engage with web visitors in real-time and offer instant help. The tool can be used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, companies, and government offices to reduce the workload of customer service operations while improving the user experience and the satisfaction of clients.Users can easily create an account and add their own frequently asked questions (FAQs) about their products or services.

The tool provides up to 100 free questions and answers for its users, which can be in multiple languages. Users can customize a webpage for their visitors to use or embed the chat widget on their own websites.BeeHelp Assistant has two types of responses: classic and processed.

The classic response uses semantic searches in the collection of FAQs to quickly provide an appropriate answer. The processed response goes one step further, creating a custom response for each visitor based on their specific question.

Users can choose between a free plan with limitations and a premium plan with additional features and benefits. The tool can increase the time of visitors on a website and reduce the number of bounces, ultimately leading to increased conversions and sales.


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Pros and Cons


24/7 customer support
Customizable FAQ addition
Multi-language support
Embeddable chat widget
Classic and Processed responses
Free and Premium plans
Increases website visitor time
Reduces bounce rate
Improves sales and conversions
User behavior tracking
100 free questions and answers
Webpage customization for users
Semantic searches for responses
Custom response generation
Reduces customer service workload
Suitable for freelancers, companies, government
Payment according to use
High processed response quality
Freemium service model
Supports maximum 20 words questions
Supports maximum 120 words answers
Unlimited responses on premium
Can create multiple collections
10,000 FAQs in Premium


Free plan limitations
Processed responses not free
Restrictions in question length
Restrictions in answer length
Daily maximum responses
Potential language limitations
Extra cost for customization
Limited multi-language interface


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How can I embed the BeeHelp Assistant chat widget on my website?
What are the benefits of using BeeHelp Assistant?
How does BeeHelp Assistant contribute to increasing sales and conversions?
What is the difference between the free and premium plans of BeeHelp Assistant?
What limits does the free plan of BeeHelp Assistant have?
What additional features does the premium plan of BeeHelp Assistant offer?
How can BeeHelp Assistant reduce customer service workload?
Can BeeHelp Assistant be used by government offices?
What is the maximum word limit for questions and answers in BeeHelp Assistant?
What is the cost of BeeHelp Assistant's services?
How does BeeHelp Assistant use OpenAI's chatGPT technology?
How can BeeHelp Assistant improve the user experience on my website?

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