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Revolutionize Your Voicemail with AI-Powered Assistant
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Beesly AI is an intelligent voicemail assistant application designed to modernize voicemail experiences and streamline communications. The tool uses advanced AI technology to understand and respond in natural language during phone calls.

Beesly AI enhances not just the personal communication but also proves to be a robust support for modern businesses by functioning around the clock. It offers instant notifications of every call, ensuring no critical alert goes unnoticed, even in silent mode.

Notably, it provides call summaries, facilitating a quick catch-up on missed conversations. One of the key features includes the smart integration with Google Calendar to manage schedules during calls.

The AI keeps track of the past callers and context, which aids in providing personalised responses in future interactions. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Beesly AI caters to the needs of individual users and small businesses alike.

To ensure that inquiries, day or night, are meticulously handled without any extra work, it provides constant availability. With the Beesly AI tool, voicemails are transformed to be more personalized and efficient, offering a modern solution for communication.

Beyond phone call management, Beesly can also perform tasks like creating, editing, and deleting appointments instantly.

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Pros and Cons


Voicemail modernization
Streamlined phone communications
24/7 business support
Instant call notifications
Critical alerts in silent mode
Provides call summaries
Google Calendar integration
Understands past caller context
Personalised response provision
Compatible with iOS and Android
Constant availability
Performs task management
Creates, edits, deletes appointments
Email personalization
Redefined voicemail
Unlimited calls feature
Critical alert provision
Automated scheduling
Provides recorded call playback
Call summary notifications
Provides call transcripts
Personal use and business plans
7-Days Free trial available
Remembers previous calls
Integration with personal Google Calendar
Followup context addition
Emergency Call Alerts
Tailored for both individuals and SMEs
Single-tap calendar event creation


No third-party calendar integration
Lacks multi-language support
Paid version only
No desktop version
No API for integration
Lacks feature customization
Limited to iOS and Android
Not suitable for large businesses
No voice customization
No live-chat support


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Can Beesly AI create, edit, and delete appointments?
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