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Advanced AI tutor improving your English speaking skills.
Generated by ChatGPT is an advanced AI tool designed to facilitate English language learning. It is primarily geared towards improving English speaking skills and focuses on teaching Business English and enhancing fluency.

Through the option to practice speaking and receive instantaneous grammar feedback, users are provided a dynamic learning experience that emulates real-life conversations.

The app also offers practice exercises recommended by the AI tutor based on the learner's conversation. It includes innovative modules covering topics such as Eloquence, Brevity, Precision, and Clarity to enhance users' business communication skills. also offers personalized learning experiences. Nora, the AI tutor, is designed to adapt to the user's fluency level, topics of interest, motivation, and challenges in English language learning.

The app further provides structured reports, allowing users to closely monitor their language learning progress. recommends daily English language practice and emphasises real-time speech for immersion in the target language.

The app is available for download on the App Store, Google Play and can also be accessed through the web.

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Jun 14, 2024
Es muy buena inteligencia artificial y cumple muy bien con su función

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    Pros and Cons


    Improves English speaking skills
    Teaches Business English
    Offers grammar feedback
    Emulates real-life conversations
    Covers Eloquence, Brevity, Precision, Clarity
    Personalized learning experiences
    Adapts to user's fluency level
    Provides Structured learning reports
    Real-time speech emphasis
    Available on App Store, Google Play, Web
    Adapts to user's topics of interest
    Tracks language learning progress
    Recommend daily language practice
    Helps in fluency improvement
    Emphasises immersion in language
    Helps enhance business communication
    Improves pronunciation
    Allows conversation practice
    Caters to learner's motivation
    Addresses learner's language challenges
    Learner-specific exercise suggestions
    Facilitates English learning for Spanish speaker
    Suitable for intermediate level English learners


    Focuses on Business English only
    Limited language offerings (Only English)
    Emphasizes real-time speech only
    No offline access capabilities
    May require high-speed Internet
    Dependent on user's speech clarity
    Availability on certain platforms only
    No multi-user functionality
    Subscription after 7-day trial


    What is
    How does enhance English speaking skills?
    What type of English does primarily focus on teaching?
    How does provide instantaneous grammar feedback?
    What are some of the exercises that the AI tutor recommends?
    What topics are covered in's modules?
    How does personalize the learning experience?
    Who is Nora in
    Can adapt to my fluency level and topics of interest?
    Does provide reports on my language learning progress?
    How does help to immerse users in the English language?
    How to download on my smart device?
    Is available for web access?
    What are the main characteristics of's language tutor?
    Can improve business communication skills?
    How does recommend daily English language practice?
    Do I need to have a certain level of English fluency to use
    Can the's lessons adapt to my learning motivation and challenges?
    How is different from other English learning apps?
    What are the benefits of's real-time speech feature?

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