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Write where you work with Bertha AI, perfect for creating copy that sells.
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Bertha AI is an advanced Artificial Intelligence tool that significantly assists with content creation and enhancement of accessibility in websites, particularly in the WordPress and Chrome environments.

It features a powerful content generation AI that crafts engaging content, playing a pivotal role in reducing content creation time. Its practical functionality extends to auto-generating WooCommerce and EDD product descriptions from the product title, and crafting persuasive copy for websites and social media platforms.

This tool's key strength lies in its ability to readily integrate within WordPress or as a Chrome extension, granting users the convenience to write content directly where they work.Bertha AI also contributes to improving website SEO and accessibility by automatically generating alternative image text directly within WordPress.

Supplementing the traditional use of AI for text generation, Bertha AI incorporates built-in Image generation and AI image search capabilities, providing a versatile tool for wide-ranging content creation needs.

The tool offers subscription-based use, with unlimited installations under one license for multiple websites managed by the user. Bertha AI also provides options for 'Pay As You Go', allowing users to purchase services without a subscription.

In summary, Bertha AI is a comprehensive AI-based solution for content development and optimization, offering a blend of versatility, convenience, and powerful AI-driven functionality to significantly simplify and enhance the content creation process.


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Pros and Cons


Direct WordPress integration
Chrome extension available
Generates website content
Creates captivating images
Multifaceted content generation
Assists in copy creation
Subscription-based pricing
Flexible 'Pay as You Go' option
Generates engaging blog content
Helpful for web designers
Generates product descriptions
Improves SEO
Enhances site accessibility
Automation features save time
Enables idea generation
Accessible on any device
Generates alternative image text
Unlimited installations on multiple sites
Generates social media content
Generates EDD, WooCommerce descriptions
Auto-tagging feature
Monthly, Yearly, Pro subscriptions
High content generation capacity
Generates accessible image text
Automatic Image Alt text generation
Unlimited user support
Millions of words per month
Priority customer support
Money back guarantee
Experience Chat, Write, Content
Built-in Image generation
Unlimited websites and users
Chrome browser support
Generates image text
Compatible with Chromium-enabled browsers
Helps with accessibility compliance
Supports many languages
Generates long form content
Handles micro-copy creation
User Roles PRO feature
Licenses migratable between sites
Supports many currencies
Works with page builders
Robust plugin security


Limited to WordPress and Chrome
Potentially high costs
Limited Image Generation
Seems to lack multilingual support
Restricted to 1,000,000 words a month
Might not cater to publishers needs
Limited Text Editing functionality
Unlimited users could cause chaos


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