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Bespoke is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create customized podcast briefings on any topic of their choice. With just one click, users can generate a tailored podcast that fits seamlessly into their day.

The tool offers a wide range of topics to choose from, catering to various interests and preferences. Users can be as specific as possible when providing their podcast requests, enabling them to receive content that aligns closely with their desired subject matter.

Through Bespoke, users can explore a diverse array of topics, such as explaining parody law in relation to a vegan burger restaurant that uses similar branding to McDonald's, sharing experiences of being an Erasmus student in Italy, delving into the cumulative vs.

non-cumulative hierarchy of universes in type theory, discussing the possibility of World War III, exploring emotional intelligence, analyzing the jazz music of Sun Ra, and understanding the reason why it's impossible to cut a cheese wedge smaller than a different cheese wedge, even when both are made of nacho cheese.

Bespoke also offers the opportunity to join a waitlist for an enhanced experience, featuring more podcasts and increased customizability. The tool highlights the top podcasts of the week and provides access to popular shows, including "AustriaInfoCenter" for insights into Austria, "Solarpunk Ecological Philosophy" for a vision of a sustainable future, "The History of Astrology" for a historical perspective, "Iain S.

Thomas" for inspiring literature, and "Essence of All Disciplines" for a comprehensive exploration of knowledge across various fields.


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