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Automate your customer responses with our AI.
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Better Assist is an AI tool designed to enhance customer interactions by automating responses. Users provide data sources in supported formats, including PDFs, DOCs, plain texts, and rich texts, and the tool trains assistants based on these sources.

If the tool cannot find the right information to answer a query, users can specify an alternative course of action. Better Assist includes an optional ticketing system for cases where the AI cannot address customer issues.

This system assigns tickets automatically, and users can track and close these via a dashboard. The tool also allows its users to train their assistants using the responses to these tickets.

Features of Better Assist include API integrations, chat metrics, chat logs, a data-rich analytics dashboard, bot customization, A/B testing capabilities, and UI customization to fit with brand identity.

It also provides a delivery receipt for chat messages and an optional auto-ticket support system. Users can create multiple assistants, introduce varied tests, use metrics, and customize their UI to best fit their needs.


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Pros and Cons


Automates customer responses
Supports multiple data formats
Lists alternative actions
Includes optional ticketing system
Auto-assigns tickets
User-friendly ticket dashboard
Utilizes ticket responses for training
API integrations
Detailed chat metrics
Stores chat logs
Data-rich analytics dashboard
Customizable bot
A/B testing capabilities
Brand-aligned UI customization
Provides chat delivery receipts
Auto-ticket support system option
Enables creation of multiple assistants
Offers varied tests
JavaScript code deployment
Customizable welcome messages
Offers enable/disable assistant flexibility
Automated ticketing support
Chat read receipts
Has ticket form customization
Handles support efficiently
Build your own chat UIs
Multiple API options
Free 7 day trial
Max 5 ticket forms
Max 10 team members support
Overall chats per month tracking
Requests per minute tracking
Options for removing watermark
Advanced UI customization
Message read receipts
Message delivery receipts


No voice integration
Absence of multilingual support
Limited data source formats
No live support
Chat limitations in plans
Extra cost for ticket support
No natural language processing
Limited to chat use cases
No on-premise deployment


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How does Better Assist automate responses?
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How can I track and close tickets in Better Assist?
Can I train my assistants based on responses to tickets?
Does Better Assist offer API integrations?
What are the key features of the analytics dashboard in Better Assist?
Can I customize my bot on Better Assist?
Does Better Assist support A/B testing?
How does UI customization work with Better Assist?
What type of receipts can Better Assist provide for chat messages?
Can I create multiple assistants on Better Assist?
How can I introduce varied tests in Better Assist?
How to make the best use of metrics in Better Assist?
What is the auto-ticket support system on Better Assist?
Can Better Assist fit with my brand identity?
What is the procedure to automate my customer responses with Better Assist?
How does Better Assist enhance customer interactions?

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