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Transforms casual photos into professional headshots.
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BetterPic is an AI-powered tool designed to transform casual photos into stunning headshots and portraits. It revolutionizes the way you get professional headshots, blending quality and convenience with AI technology.

Ready in less than two hours, upload a few casual photos and receive stunning, realistic corporate headshots.

Choose from a wide range of backdrops and styles to match your style and/or brand.

Backed by leading AI research and a full commercial license, these headshots are ideal for both individuals and teams.

With a focus on data privacy and a money-back guarantee, BetterPic offers an affordable, fast, and reliable solution for upgrading your professional image.
BetterPic | AI Headshots was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 5th 2023.
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Jan 26, 2024
Tried a few of these for a new linkedin profile pic, and this and the one called simple something (simplified perhaps) stood out.
Feb 2, 2024
update: the other good one wasn't simplified, it was profile bakery
Dec 8, 2023
Love the onboarding and guidance on creating the pictures. Turn around time was 29 minutes and support was great!
Aug 23, 2023
I used their service and is incredible. Totally happy with the results.
Jul 10, 2023
Best directory of IA platforms, almos anything you need

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Pros and Cons


Transforms casual photos into headshots
Quick turnaround time
Various backdrops and styles
Data privacy priority
Money-back guarantee
Full commercial license
Customizable results
Multiple pricing plans
Operates worldwide
Suitable for individuals and teams
Reliable solution
Seamless, secure experience
High-quality end results
Effortless user experience
Multiple package options
High-resolution images
Data is securely stored
Accepts multiple image file types
Authenticated payments
Efficient customer support
Data deletion option
Consistent aesthetics for teams


Requires 20-25 images
Processing time up to 24h
512x512px in basic package
Limited backgrounds in basic package
Expensive for full HD images
Doesn't support AVIF and GIF formats
High prices for larger teams
No clothing selection in basic package
Limited styles in basic package


What is BetterPic?
How does BetterPic transform casual photos into professional headshots?
How long does it take for BetterPic to generate my professional headshot?
What features does BetterPic offer?
What are the data privacy measures BetterPic has in place?
Can I customize the styles and backgrounds in BetterPic?
How many pictures do I need to provide for BetterPic to create my headshot?
Are there different pricing plans for BetterPic?
Can BetterPic be used for team or corporate needs?
Is there a money-back guarantee on BetterPic?
What is the process of creating a profile on BetterPic?
Can I use BetterPic to generate a photo with specific backdrops and clothing styles?
Can the generated headshots from BetterPic be used commercially?
How secure is my data on BetterPic?
Can I request a refund if I'm not satisfied with BetterPic's service?
What image file types can I upload to BetterPic?
Who owns the pictures created on BetterPic?
How real or natural do the BetterPic generated headshots look?
How safe is my payment information on BetterPic?
Who do I contact if I need support from BetterPic?


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