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Improved mid-journey advertising prompts.
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BetterPrompt is an AI tool designed to help users improve their midjourney prompts. The platform offers an easy way for users to become prompt masters and supports over 100 languages.

With BetterPrompt, users can transform their midjourney prompts by using the "before" and "after" feature to change the content they are presented with.

This tool enables users to enhance their advertising or marketing copy to make it more engaging and effective. BetterPrompt also provides users with 20 free credits per week to test the platform before upgrading.

The tool is designed for individuals or businesses looking to improve their conversion rates by creating more engaging and persuasive content. Users need to have enabled JavaScript to utilize the platform.

Apart from BetterPrompt, the website also promotes three other products - MagickPen, Teach Anything, and OpenL. The site creators, lvwzhen and matt, have created BetterPrompt with the users in mind.

Illustrations used on the website are from Icons 8, and Ouch! is the source of the illustrations. The creators have shared their social media handles on the website and encourage users to connect and share their feedback.

Overall, BetterPrompt is an AI tool that can help users enhance writing and increase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising copy.


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Pros and Cons


Supports 100 languages
Before and after feature
20 free credits weekly
Works for individuals and businesses
Enhances marketing copies
Improves conversion rates
Use requires enabled JavaScript
Additional products offered
User-centered design
Website co-creators listed
Creator social handles shared
Multiple graphic sources
Enables user feedback
Improves content engagement


What is BetterPrompt?
What is the main function of BetterPrompt?
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What is BetterPrompt's 'before' and 'after' feature?
What's the purpose of the 20 free credits provided by BetterPrompt each week?
Can BetterPrompt be used without JavaScript enabled?
What are the other three products promoted on the BetterPrompt website?
Who are the creators of BetterPrompt?
Where are the illustrations on the BetterPrompt website from?
What marketing and advertising needs does BetterPrompt cater to?
How does BetterPrompt help improve conversion rates?
Why do I need to apply credits to BetterPrompt?
How can BetterPrompt make my midjourney prompts better?
What is the function of MagickPen, Teach Anything, and OpenL?
Are there limitations on who can use BetterPrompt?
Can I get a discount when upgrading my BetterPrompt?
How can I connect with the creators of BetterPrompt?
In what settings or contexts can BetterPrompt's enhancements be most useful?
How does BetterPrompt enhance my writing?
Do I need to be a professional marketer to benefit from BetterPrompt?

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