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An AI mentor that helps you reach your goals via iMessage.
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BFF is an AI-based tool designed to engage users in daily interactions about their life, including areas such as career, goals, relationships, and emotions.

It functions akin to a conversational diary that interacts with the user. BFF contacts the user through text, offering a personal, daily touchpoint for discussions that commonly revolve around personal development and emotional well-being.

The tool's framework is rooted in advanced AI technologies. BFF is available in multiple tiers to suit the different needs of a diverse user base. The free tier provides limited interactions per day, using GPT-3 technology.

The premium tier, known as 'Pro', enhances the user experience by offering unlimited messages and enhanced cognitive capabilities, powered by GPT-4, an advanced version of the AI.

The Pro version has the added capability of learning about the user over time, aiming to provide interaction that becomes progressively more personalised.

BFF is integrated and available for purchase in iMessage.

BFF was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized daily guidance
Convenient conversation interface
Support from any entity
High demand product
Exclusive Discord server
Privacy Policy assurance
Terms of Service provided
Available on iMessage
Targets personal goals
Easily accessed advice


Only works with iMessage
Long waitlist
Requires Discord for support
Lack of an API
No offline functionality
No integrated feedback system
Not open source
No multi-language support
No real-time interaction
Dependent on external platform


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