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Tailored business planning with roadmap and insights.
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Bizway is an AI-powered business planning tool that helps users go from idea to fully-fledged business plan in just minutes. The app generates tailored roadmaps, tasks, and GPT-4-powered responses to users' business research questions, making it easy for them to build and execute their business plans.

With Bizway, users can create custom roadmaps in seconds that break down their ideas, goals, and plans into manageable steps. They can also execute a wide range of tasks with one click, including competitor analysis, brainstorming, and financial forecasting.

Bizway makes it easy to save and curate every brilliant idea, research item, insight, and plan in one place. Users can explore every branch of their plan and go down the rabbit hole, then save their insights to the relevant business section as they go.

Bizway walks users step-by-step through key areas of business, including market analysis, legal admin, product development, content creation, marketing, and financial analysis.

The tool is ideal for anyone who wants to start a new business but doesn't know where to begin. Whether users want to launch a podcast, virtual event planning consultancy, or any other business, Bizway can help them get their plan in order and start something today.


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Pros and Cons


Tailored business planning
Generates roadmaps in seconds
One click task execution
Competitor analysis
Financial forecasting
Curates insights
Market analysis
Legal admin guidance
Product development planning
Content creation assistance
Marketing strategy development
GPT-4 powered responses
Stores research and insights
Business plan examples provided
Idea generator
Keyword research
Topic brainstorming
Outline creation
Post drafting
Editing and proofreading
Target audience identification
Campaign planning
Financial budgeting
Profit and loss analysis
Cash flow management
1st year forecasts
Product launch planning
Mock customer interviews
MVP roadmapping
Sponsored ad business model
Productized service business model
Task auto-completion
Business name brainstorming
Drafts contracts
Legal entity selection
Licensing and permits listing
7 days Free Trial
Automated admin tasks
Customer segmentation assistance
Integrated SWOT analysis
Trend analysis feature
Capability to auto-summarize
Helps create taglines and marketing copy


No collaboration functionality
No mobile app
Limited to English language
No offline functionality
No integration with third-party applications
No tutorial for beginners
No free version, only trial
No clear data security measures
No multi-factor authentication


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Does Bizway provide assistance with legal aspects like contract drafting?
Does Bizway offer services for content creation and editing?
How does Bizway's GPT-4 powered business planning app work?
What pricing options does Bizway have?
Is there a free trial available on Bizway?
How secure is the data I share with Bizway?
Can I use Bizway for financial forecasting?
Does Bizway support brainstorming for business ideas?
Can Bizway assist with market analysis?

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