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Code extraction and auto-complete for developers.
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BLACKBOX AI is a Chrome extension that allows developers to quickly and efficiently copy code from videos, images, PDFs, and other formats that appear on screen.

BLACKBOX AI is powered by AI, which offers developers auto complete coding capabilities in over 20 programming languages including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and Ruby.

The extension allows developers to search across over 100 million open source code repositories directly from their Visual Studio Code, and turn any question into code.

BLACKBOX AI also extracts code from any video, enabling developers to code as fast as they think. It is loved by developers around the world for its power without distractions, and works with any IDE, web browser, or database.

BLACKBOX AI also offers a free sign up with Google or Microsoft, with no credit card required.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Extracts code from videos
Auto-complete coding in 20 languages
Search 100 million code repositories
Turns questions into code
Works with any IDE
Works with any web browser
Works with any database
Free sign up
No credit card required
Makes code copying efficient
Popular among developers
Applicable for multiple formats - PDFs, Images
Search functionality within Visual Studio Code
Fast code extraction
Code auto-complete feature
Search above 100M open source code
Unobtrusive tool
Google and Microsoft sign up
Loved by developers
Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Ruby supported


Chrome extension only
Limited language support
Over-reliance on open source
Doesn't work offline
No mobile support
Potential for inaccurate extractions
May not support all IDEs
Authentication only through Google/Microsoft
No API integration
Lack of robust error-handling


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How do I use BLACKBOX AI to turn a question into code?
Can I access open source code repositories directly from my Visual Studio Code using BLACKBOX AI?
How does BLACKBOX AI aid in coding faster?
Can BLACKBOX AI extract code from videos?
Is it possible to use BLACKBOX AI with a database?
Can BLACKBOX AI copy code from videos?
Is BLACKBOX AI compatible with browsers besides Chrome?
Do I need a Google or Microsoft account to sign up for BLACKBOX AI?
How to search for code snippets instantly using BLACKBOX AI?
Does BLACKBOX AI work with Stackoverflow and Github?
Can BLACKBOX AI be used on any operating system?
What type of support does BLACKBOX AI offer?
How can BLACKBOX AI increase my coding productivity?

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