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Custom web app creation platform for internal use.
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BLAZE is a no-code platform designed to help teams build custom internal tools, web apps, and automated workflows to supercharge their operations. It is a secure and HIPAA compliant platform that is easy to use and powerful.

It features an AI-enabled visual creator that allows users to create tables that visualize databases, add forms, and more without writing any code. Blaze also provides pre-built integrations, user permissions, and enterprise security and scalability to ensure that it can be used by companies of any size.

Additionally, Blaze offers a variety of resources such as blog posts and podcasts to help users get inspired and learn more about no-code. With Blaze, teams can build the tool that makes their company run better and become a superhero on their team.


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Pros and Cons


Custom web app creation
No-code platform
Automates workflows
Secure and HIPAA compliant
Pre-built integrations
User permissions
Enterprise security and scalability
Educational resources (blog, podcast)
Custom internal tools creation
Admin panel feature
Workflows creation
Document Management feature
Inventory Management feature
Customer Onboarding feature
Product Management feature
Dashboards feature
Ability to auto connect to any data source or API
Ability to digitize legacy processes
Interactive workflows
Low-code functionality
Fully customizable templates
A.I. system for table visualization
Drag-and-drop pre-made components
Full control over access levels
Out-of-the-box audit logging
Ability to connect multiple Blaze apps
Automatic update and sync of data
Potential for business scalability
Trusted by Fortune 500s and healthcare organizations
Built on SOC2 certified infrastructure
SSO and 2FA security features
Collaborator inclusion ability
Use of no-code database or existing database
External data integration


Limited pre-built integrations
Lack of API connectivity
Lacks mobile optimization
Depends on Blaze's databases
Limited user permissions control
Complicated for non-tech users
Limited customization options
No code might limit functionality
Scalability issues
Lacks multi-lingual support

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