Writing 10 Mar 2023
Cloud-based CMS for content creation and optimization.

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BlogSmith is a cloud-based CMS tool that incorporates the latest AI technologies to support writers and content creators with generating better content and becoming more productive.

The tool provides features such as AI-generated content and images, customizable branding, and a built-in newsletter system (coming soon). Additionally, BlogSmith offers an intuitive and straightforward interface for managing blogs without requiring technical knowledge or programming skills.

BlogSmith is a subscription-based service that offers a 14-day free trial of its Pro Plan, allowing users to test the AI-generated content and image creation features without providing credit card information.

Pricing plans are available for monthly or yearly subscriptions and range from €24/month for the Starter Plan to €490/year for the Pro Plan. It's essential to note that fair use rules apply to the unlimited articles/month offered in the Pro Plan, and BlogSmith may temporarily or permanently restrict access to new articles in case of misuse.BlogSmith is hosted in Germany and complies with EU privacy and security standards.

The tool offers customer support and cancellation options for both monthly and yearly subscriptions, and users can upgrade their plans at any time. Overall, BlogSmith is a useful tool for writers and content creators looking to generate better content and overcome creative barriers.


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