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Boosts productivity by organizing notes and reminders.
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Bloks is an AI-powered productivity assistant that helps users boost their productivity by taking over mundane tasks like note-taking, organizing, and reminders.

Bloks is an all-in-one productivity app that works like a personal assistant for users to put their notes, tasks, and meetings on autopilot. The app uses AI to generate automatic meeting notes and action items, allowing users to see notes in context and to 10x their output with less work.

Bloks works on all calls, without intrusive bots or plugins, and is built for everyone, empowering real people like you. Bloks is designed to assist users in various roles and offers customized solutions to address their unique needs.

For example, for self-employed individuals, Bloks can help with following up with contacts, tracking to-do lists, and keeping records of past events. For team leads, the app can help track team progress and review, whereas, for consultants, it can help keep track of clients and their needs.

The app takes notes without users having to take notes, using AI to instantly generate summaries and transcriptions of in-person meetings and video calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, or Webex.

Bloks automatically organizes everything that gets captured with AI-assisted tagging, giving users more context. In addition, users get a high-level overview of everything on their plate, helping them prioritize tasks and get more done in less time.

Bloks aims to free user time and achieve more with less effort, offering a comprehensive tool for boosting productivity.


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Bloks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Organizes notes and reminders
Aids various professional roles
Customized solutions for unique needs
Generates automatic meeting notes
Generates action items
Contextual note perspective
Works on all calls
No disruptive bots or plugins
Built for everyone
Assists self-employed individuals
Assists team leads
Assists consultants
Instantly summarizes and transcribes meetings
Works with Zoom, Teams, Meet, Slack or Webex
High-level task overview
Assists in task prioritization
Time freeing
Transcribes in-person conversations
Autogenerated meeting summaries
No additional hardware required
Notes, to-dos, and attachments categorization
Personalized CRM
Related emails, notes, files view
Assists in drafting emails, messages
Note capture feature
Intelligent note organization
Follow-ups reminder
Multi-platform accessibility
Enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption


No desktop version mentioned
Only for English speakers
No multi-user collaboration
Lacks advanced task management
Limited customization options
No local data storage
No privacy policy details
No offline access
End-to-end encryption undisclosed


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Does Bloks offer solutions specific to different roles?
How does Bloks aid self-employed individuals?
How does Bloks aid team leads or consultants?
Does Bloks have a bot or plugin?
What security measures does Bloks have?
What does Bloks mean by 'AI-assisted tagging'?
What is the cost of using Bloks?
Can I use Bloks as a personal CRM?
Can Bloks help with drafting emails and messages?
Does Bloks offer a free trial?
Can Bloks help me organize my attachments?
What features of Bloks help with meeting preparation and follow-ups?
Can I access Bloks from different devices?


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