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Engaging Facebook Messenger chats with chatbot.
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BLOONY is an AI chatbot that can engage in conversations with users through Facebook Messenger. It is powered by OpenAI and is currently in open beta. BLOONY was designed to simulate a human conversation, learn from interactions and develop its own sense of personality.

It is capable of responding to a variety of topics, from the mundane to the profound. It can also take users on virtual ‘chat trips’ to different cities around the world.

BLOONY is powered by a deep learning algorithm that enables it to understand natural language and respond more accurately to questions. It can also generate its own questions and provide tips as users interact with it.

BLOONY is a secure platform, as all messages sent and received are kept confidential and not shared with third parties. BLOONY is available on Facebook Messenger and Instagram and can be easily accessed via its website.

BLOONY was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Engages on Facebook Messenger
Dialogue-based personality development
Capable of 'chat trips'
Understands natural language
Generates its own questions
Delivers tips during interaction
Secure communication platform
Availability on Instagram
Simulates human conversation
Deep learning algorithm
Confidential message handling
Random chat topic generation
Open beta access
Independent language learning
Offers 'ChatTrips' to cities
Operates in different languages
Distinct sense of personality
Delivers fact-varied information
Ability to discuss anything
Virtual travel feature
Interactive tips feature
User engagement through questions


Limited to Facebook Messenger
Only two platforms
Reliant on predetermined 'trips'
Likely limited topic range
No integration with other systems
Potential misinformation
Language errors possible
Lacks customization options
No multilingual support


What is BLOONY?
How does BLOONY simulate a human conversation?
Does BLOONY learn from interactions?
What is a 'chat trip' on BLOONY?
What are the capabilities of BLOONY's deep learning algorithm?
Can BLOONY generate its own questions?
How does BLOONY respond to various topics?
How secure is BLOONY?
Is BLOONY available on Instagram?
How do I access BLOONY via its website?
Does BLOONY provide interaction tips?
What does the 'open beta' stage for BLOONY mean?
Why does BLOONY deliver different information than the facts?
How does BLOONY engage in a conversation?
Where does BLOONY 'travel' during chat trips?
What languages does BLOONY speak?
How can I interact with BLOONY after accessing it?
Can BLOONY be used via Facebook Messenger?
Is BLOONY's information shared with third parties?
Does BLOONY have its own personality?

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