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Customer support and sales automation assistant.
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Blozum is a conversational-based AI assistant designed specifically for businesses to assist customers throughout the pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase stages of product sales.

It offers end-to-end automation of the consumer funnel, leading to increased conversion rates and improved consumer satisfaction. During the pre-purchase stage, Blozum's AIr system comprehends complex consumer queries and responds with relevant information based on the business's data.

In the purchase stage, AIr can be trained to actively sell products and services on behalf of the business. Additionally, in the post-purchase stage, Blozum's empathetic algorithm understands consumer feedback, provides status updates, and handles complaints.Integration with the business's platform is seamless and instantaneous, requiring only a small code snippet.

Blozum also offers voice input, vernacular support for 50 languages, sentiment analysis, CRM integration, and complete customization of the AI assistant.

One notable feature is that Blozum AIr not only provides information about products and services when customers inquire but can also be trained to engage with customers like a salesperson, encouraging them to consider making a purchase.

Blozum offers different pricing plans, including a Starter plan with limited features and a Large Bundle plan with unlimited chats, advanced sentiment analysis, full customization of integrations, and round-the-clock support and maintenance.Overall, Blozum is a conversational AI tool that helps businesses automate and enhance customer interactions throughout the entire sales process, leading to improved conversions, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced manual workload.


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Pros and Cons


End-to-end consumer funnel automation
Comprehends complex consumer queries
Actively sells products, services
Handles post-purchase complaints
Seamless, instantaneous integration
Voice input feature
Supports 50 vernacular languages
Performs sentiment analysis
CRM integration
Trained to engage customers
Different pricing plans available
Starter plan, Large Bundle plan
Unlimited chats in large bundle
Advanced sentiment analysis in large bundle
24/7 support in large bundle
Advanced voice support
Custom LLM fine-tuning


No free version available
Limited chats on Starter plan
Limited integration options on Starter plan
No 24/7 support on basic plan
Only 28 days training history on Starter plan
Costly for additional advance features
Sales driven interaction might be pushy
Limited language support compared to competitors
Requires coding for integration
No disclosed data privacy policy


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What kind of support does Blozum offer during the post-purchase stage?
How does integration with Blozum work?
What languages does Blozum support?
What CRM platforms can Blozum integrate with?
How customizable is Blozum?
How does Blozum use AI to engage with customers like a salesperson?
What are the pricing plans for Blozum?
What is included in Blozum's Large Bundle plan?
Are there any limitations on the number of chats in the Large Bundle plan?
What features does the Starter plan offer?
Does Blozum provide sentiment analysis?
What do you mean by Blozum's 'empathetic algorithm'?
What benefits can my business expect from using Blozum?
How long does it take to integrate Blozum with my platform?
Does Blozum provide voice support?
Can Blozum handle customer complaints for my business?
How can I try a demo of Blozum?

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