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Automated meeting notes for efficiency.
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Bluedot is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to automate meeting notes. With Bluedot, users can easily record, transcribe, and summarize their meetings using AI-generated notes that can be tailored to their specific needs.

The tool is available as a free Chrome extension and can be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store.Bluedot operates seamlessly with Google Meet, allowing users to press a button to initiate the recording, transcription, and summarization process.

The generated meeting notes can be customized to suit various use cases such as customer calls or all-hands meetings. Once the notes are generated, users can automatically share them to platforms like Slack, Notion, or their preferred CRM.What sets Bluedot apart is its non-intrusive approach to meeting recording and its ability to generate customizable meeting notes.

Unlike other note-taking apps, Bluedot does not require access to a user's calendar or the presence of a recording bot. The tool also places emphasis on data security and privacy, complying with GDPR regulations and ensuring that all meeting data is encrypted, protected, and stored according to EU laws.Bluedot has garnered positive feedback from users, with testimonials highlighting its effectiveness in streamlining online meetings and reducing the need for additional tools like Zoom and Loom.

The tool aims to save users time by automating meeting notes, resulting in increased productivity and reduced meeting volumes.Bluedot for Teams provides a collaborative video workspace for distributing knowledge and reducing the number of meetings.

While the tool primarily focuses on Google Meet integration, it also offers Zoom integration for team plans. Bluedot can be integrated with various other popular tools like Google Drive, Zoho, Zapier, Pipedrive, Slack, Notion, Salesforce, and more.


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Feb 19, 2024
Amazing tool which transcribes and summarizes meetings. I've tried a few, and this one's the best!
Jan 2, 2024
I love that Bluedot doesn't use the bot to record the meetings.

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