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BLUF, the acronym standing for 'Bottom Line Up Front', is an AI-powered assistant designed for webpage interaction. This tool aids users to receive succinct and clear information from web pages by employing the capabilities of defined AI algorithms.

BLUF's primary functionality spans across three features - 'Ask', 'Summarize', and 'Explain'. 'Ask' allows users to pinpoint the necessary information by delegating the search task to the AI.

'Summarize' enriches users' understanding of a webpage by generating key highlights swiftly. 'Explain', on the other hand, aids users by translating complex terminologies and information into simpler and more understandable formats.

Moreover, BLUF has an embedded optimization system which ensures maximum productivity when users utilize its dedicated 'Summarize' and 'Explain' buttons, ideally suited for large content pages.

The 'prompt' feature of BLUF refers to user input, either textual or via the 'Summarize' and 'Explain' requests. Regardless of the prompts outcome, the platform only counts each interaction as a single prompt, ensuring simplicity in its engagement.Currently compatible with Chrome and Firefox with plans for expansion to other browsers, BLUF sets limitations on the maximum number of words that can be processed per page or document for efficiency reasons.

Notably, the AI tool respects user privacy by not retaining the content of the prompts or answers beyond 30 days and only collecting usage data. However, to fulfill user prompts, BLUF transmits the prompt content to OpenAI.

For further information or support, BLUF provides an option to reach out via email.

BLUF was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Narrows down research
Filters out irrelevant information
Quickly summarizes web pages
Clarifies complex concepts
Free plan available
Low-cost subscription plans
No charges for failed requests
Optimized for large content
Responsive prompts
Multi-browser compatibility
Stands for user privacy
30-days data retainment policy
Contact support via email
Extracts key page highlights
Translates complex terminologies
Efficient word per page limit
Doesn't store prompt contents
Suitable for large documents
Translates information into understandable formats
Offers specific 'Ask', 'Summarize', 'Explain' features
Only counts each interaction as one prompt
Ease of usage
Faster information extraction
Enables swift comprehension of webpages
Intuitive information search with 'Ask'
Clear explanations via 'Explain'


Limited to Chrome and Firefox
Word limit per page
Limited prompts per month
Payment required for more prompts
Communication primarily through email
Manual clicking for optimal results
No content retention beyond 30 days
Data usage policy not explicit
Subpar optimization for smaller pages


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