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BobaBOBA is an AI ideation partner tool designed to assist businesses in their research and strategy development. The tool provides research signals and trends, enabling users to quickly analyze and summarize articles and earnings calls, among other resources.

It can also research articles and news on the web to help answer qualitative research questions. BobaBOBA can assist with brainstorming possible futures based on a strategic prompt, exploring opportunities, threats, plausibility, and probability of scenarios.

It achieves this by generating future-oriented stories that are informed by signals of change in business, culture, and technology. This process is known as scenario building, and its outcomes are useful for inspiring divergent product thinking, socializing learnings in a contextualized narrative, conducting resilience/desirability testing, and/or informing strategic planning.

BobaBOBA uses the Playing to Win strategy framework to assist users in brainstorming "where to play" and "how to win" choices based on a strategic prompt and possible future scenarios.

Additionally, the tool can generate storyboards for current or future scenarios, which may include illustrated scenes and customized scripts that describe customer journeys.

Overall, BobaBOBA is a valuable tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to researching and developing new strategies.


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Pros and Cons


Researches web for articles
Analyzes and summarizes articles
Research signals and trends
Incorporates earning calls research
Assists with brainstorming
Creates 'where to play' strategies
Creates 'how to win' strategies
Scenario building feature
Targets future-oriented narratives
Generates storyboards
Customizable storyboard scripts
Guides product thinking
Provides resilience testing
Supports strategic planning
Helps socializing learnings
Plausibility and probability analysis
Tool for business strategies
Generates customer journey scenes
Conducts desirability testing
Analyzes Business, Culture, and Tech changes


Lack of quantitative analysis
Unsuitable for real-time research
No collaborative features
No data privacy details
Limitations on strategic frameworks
Potentially biased research
Absence of third-party integrations
Lacks multilingual support
No offline mode


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How does BobaBOBA help in analyzing and summarizing articles and earnings calls?
Can BobaBOBA help me with qualitative research questions?
How can BobaBOBA assist me in exploring opportunities and threats?
How can I use BobaBOBA for scenario building?
What is the process of scenario building in BobaBOBA?
Can BobaBOBA assist with strategic planning?
How does BobaBOBA apply the 'Playing to Win' strategy framework?
How does BobaBOBA help in envisioning future scenarios?
How can BobaBOBA assist in brainstorming strategies?
What are the key features of BobaBOBA that make it valuable for businesses?
Can BobaBOBA generate storyboards for future scenarios?
What kind of customer journeys can BobaBOBA describe?
How can I customize scripts in BobaBOBA?
What are some examples of qualitative research questions BobaBOBA can help answer?
Can I use BobaBOBA to generate procedures and plans from gathered data?
How does BobaBOBA analyze online content like Reddit feedback and earnings calls?
Can BobaBOBA help me with desirability testing in my business planning?

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