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Streamline your bookkeeping with an AI-driven single app
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Booke AI is an AI-driven bookkeeping tool designed to streamline accounting tasks and improve efficiency through automation. It leverages AI to rectify uncategorized transactions and coding errors, thus ensuring accurate and reliable bookkeeping.

A major feature is its ability to auto-categorize transactions, which reduces the effort and time spent on manual organization. The system also uses OCR AI to extract real-time data from invoices, bills, and receipts, accelerating transaction processing.

Booke AIs error detection technology aids in finding and rectifying discrepancies in the books. It incorporates two-way integrations, enabling seamless connection with popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and Zoho Books.

Other features include a client query tool, which simplifies transaction inquiries, and ChatGPT for Email Inbox, a function that converts client emails into tasks.

Additionally, Booke AI ensures user-friendly collaboration via its client portal, both on a browser and mobile app. It comes with comprehensive logging systems, performance dashboards, and interactive report generation capabilities.

Booke AI aims to reduce internal and external communication, improve client communication efficiency, and significantly save time in monthly bookkeeping.


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Booke AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Auto-categorization of transactions
Real-time OCR extraction
Two-way integrations with Xero, QBO, QBD
Streamlined collaboration tools
Improved client communication
Bulk document management
Discrepancy detection and resolution
Interactive reports generation
Chrome extension for Xero, QuickBooks
User-friendly portal
Efficient communication tools
Accurate bookkeeping with error detection
Time-saving (60 minutes per client per month)
Transactional categorization
Data Rectification
OCR Technology
Error Detection
Software Integration
Client Query Tool
Communication Efficiency
Report Generation
Logging Systems
Rectifies uncategorized transactions and coding errors
Accelerated transaction processing via OCR
Seamless connection with Zoho Books
Converting client emails into tasks (ChatGPT for Email Inbox)
Browser and mobile app availability
Comprehensive performance dashboards
Reduced need for internal and external communication
80% faster transactions categorization
One-click client transaction inquiries
End-month close inconsistencies detection
Efficient transformation of client emails into tasks
Audits insights direct in QuickBooks and Xero
Reduction on manual organization time
Precision and reliability improvement overtime
Enhanced client responses via user-friendly portal
Super accurate books production
Effective back-and-forth communication elimination
Bulk reconcile categorized transactions in Xero
One-click marking of unknown bank feed transactions as uncategorized in QuickBooks
Comprehensive activities journaling
Simultaneous progress check for all clients
Less need for calls and emails
Two hours time-saving per client per month


No integration with non-listed software
Limited to bookkeeping tasks
Inflexible categorization
Communication tools not fully described
No data backup mentioned
No multi-currency support stated
Limited OCR languages
No customization options
No role-based access control
No compliance features specified


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