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Diverse topic book creation & reading platform.
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Books Written by AI is a tool that allows users to read and create new books customized to their interests, with the assistance of ChatGPT. To create a book, users can provide a title and optionally include additional instructions for the content.

The tool then generates a book overview and table of contents. The chapters and their section content are dynamically generated as the user reads the book.If users are unsatisfied with the generated content or require more information, they have the ability to chat with the content.

This feature ensures that users can receive additional information tailored to their specific interests.All books created using this tool are currently public and can be found on the homepage, categorized based on various topics such as arts and recreation, business, computer science, cultural studies, education, environmental studies, gender and sexuality studies, history, military science, philosophy, physical sciences, psychology, religion, sports and recreation, and technology.The book catalog covers a wide range of subjects including movie-making, art aesthetics, negotiation skills, SSL ciphers, artificial general intelligence, programming languages, natural language processing, international relations, and many more.This tool provides a convenient and accessible way for users to engage with AI-generated content and explore various topics of interest through the creation and reading of customized books.


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Dec 7, 2023
My brain on AI!
Oct 23, 2023
This is an absolutely wonderful tool! The key is to give it the correct prompt, and it can churn out chapter after chapter (up to 11 of them). Make sure you use a tool like Quillbot to change the wording and run it through a plagiarism tool. Then, sit back and edit/proof read it. Once you smooth out the text and the format, you will have a decent small book.
Oct 7, 2023
Pretty cool book writing tool. It's totally detectable AI, but the end results are much better than a lot of book writing AI's that I have tried. There aren't many format options for you to choose from so you need to be specific and detailed with your initial prompt/ description to return the best output. There isn't any info I could find on the website as to who might hold the rights if you wanted to publish a book that was created from your prompt, also you can view the result to download it will cost $1.99, so maybe that answers that question??
Sep 1, 2023
This one is a great tool; give a topic and it generates 11 chapters, with sub-chapters. Their tokens exhausted and promised to be back in September.
Aug 30, 2023
Not sure this is working - takes me to a page with some lorem ipsum text, dead links and a 'Create New Book' button that appears to do nothing. Writer's block perhaps?

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Pros and Cons


Book creation on demand
Diverse topic coverage
Interactive contents generation
Publicly viewable created books
Books categorized by topic
On-demand chapters
Ability to chat with content
Customizable to user's interest
Dynamic content generation
Ease of use
Wide range of subjects
Tailored books creation
Compatible with ChatGPT
Potential for educational use
Ease of engagement with new topics
Visibility of all created books
Promotion of diverse interests
Book overview generation
Multifaceted tool for readers and creators
Table of contents creation
Potential for research exploration
Check quality via user satisfaction
Content flexibility
User-driven content creation
Unlimited topic possibilities
Comprehensive book catalog
Relevant for all skill levels
Dynamic book creation
Reading and writing platform
Possibility for unlimited book generation
Promotion of creativity and curiosity
Innovative instructional tool
Instant generation of table of contents
Potential for novel topic discovery
Generates books from user instructions
Public book creation platform
Potential for literature exploration
Potential for communal learning


Public-only book creation
Limited emotive writing
Inconsistent topic depth
Lacks narrative flow
Dependent on user instructions
Absence of collaborative features
No save/edit functionality
Requires constant user interaction
No offline access
Books are not downloadable


What is Books Written by AI?
How do I create a book using Books Written by AI?
What do I need to provide to create a book?
What happens after I give the title and instructions on Books Written by AI?
Can I interact with the content generated by Books Written by AI?
Are the books I create using Books Written by AI publicly accessible?
How does Books Written by AI categorize the books on its homepage?
What types of topics can be explored using Books Written by AI?
Is there any limit to the subjects covered by Books Written by AI?
Can I use Books Written by AI to improve my understanding of specific topics?
How does Books Written by AI use ChatGPT?
Can I chat with the content created by Books Written by AI if I am unsatisfied or need more information?
What is the range of subjects covered in the book catalog of Books Written by AI?
Can I customize the books I create with Books Written by AI?
Is Books Written by AI a good tool for exploring new topics of interest?
How diverse are the topics I can create a book on with Books Written by AI?
Are there any examples of books that have been created using Books Written by AI?
How is the book's content generated on Books Written by AI?
Can Books Written by AI help me in learning about artificial general intelligence?
Is Books Written by AI suitable for beginners in specific subjects like computer science or programming languages?


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