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Powerful image editing capabilities.
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Boolv.Toolkit is a free and lightweight AI image editing platform designed to save users time and effort. It features a suite of powerful tools such as background removal, photo effects and filters, photo animation, image resizing and compressing, and image upscaling (coming soon).

The platform is designed to be easy to use; users simply select a feature, upload or drop an image, choose the variations they like, and download the finished product.

With Boolv's AI, users can produce professional-looking visuals in only a few clicks. Boolv also offers a Smart Video Maker product, which enables users to turn images and photos into stunning promotional videos in just one click.


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May 31, 2023
Perfect for image enhancement!

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Boolpic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Free platform
Background removal feature
Variety of photo effects
Image resizing feature
Image compressor tool
Image upscaling (coming soon)
Simple interface
Few clicks to edit
Photo animation feature
Smart Video Maker
One click promotional videos
Easy upload process
Option to choose variations
Downloadable edits
Suitable for social media
Ideal for printing
Quick results
Excellent for visuals
Saves time
Ability to polish images
Makes photos vivid
Turns pics into masterpieces
Automatic image editing
Creates consistent pictures
Good for team photos
Good for family albums
Helpful for personalized invitations
Tool Thumbnails


No offline mode
Lacks advanced editing features
No image upscaling yet
No collaborative features
No API for integration
No mobile app
No noise reduction feature
Clearly watermarked images


What is the Boolv.Toolkit used for?
How does the background removal tool in Boolv.Toolkit work?
What kinds of effects and filters can I apply with Boolv.Toolkit?
How does Boolv.Toolkit turn photos into animations?
Can images be resized or compressed with Boolv.Toolkit?
What is the upcoming feature of image upscaling on Boolv.Toolkit?
How do I use the Smart Video Maker provided by Boolv?
How user-friendly is Boolv.Toolkit for beginners not well-versed in image editing?
Is Boolv.Toolkit completely free to use?
Can I use Boolv.Toolkit on different web browsers?
What type of images can be edited on Boolv.Toolkit?
How can Boolv.Toolkit save users' time?
What is the maximum file size of images I can edit on Boolv.Toolkit?
Is there a limit to the number of images I can edit daily using Boolv.Toolkit?
How can I share my edited images directly from Boolv.Toolkit?
What does it mean that Boolv.Toolkit is 'lightweight'?
Are the edits I make with Boolv.Toolkit permanent?
Are my images stored on Boolv.Toolkit after I finish editing?
How fast can Boolv.Toolkit edit my images?
Is there a mobile app version of Boolv.Toolkit?

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