Database Q&A 2023-07-22
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Chatbot for business support and sales.
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BotB9 is an AI chatbot tool that allows businesses to create custom chatbots trained with their own business data. The tool is capable of responding to customer inquiries and can be embedded into websites and mobile apps.

It offers a no-code solution, allowing users to easily copy and paste embeddable widgets for seamless integration. With BotB9, users can train their chatbots with up to 4,000 words of data, enabling the chatbot to answer sales and support questions specific to their business.

The tool does not place any restrictions on bot interactions, allowing users and customers to send and receive unlimited messages. BotB9 offers a variety of features to enhance customization and branding.

The chat widget is white-label and can be customized to match the user's branding, with no watermark present. Users can also customize the theme color of the chat widget and messages.The tool provides the ability to train and retrain the chatbot over time, allowing it to continuously improve with more data.

Users can train the chatbot by entering plain text or by pasting website or article URLs for automatic data scraping and training.BotB9 supports unlimited bots, making it suitable for agencies and startups.

Each bot can be separately branded and trained, providing flexibility and versatility. The platform also offers BotB9 SMS, which allows users to train an AI phone number with their business data for SMS-based customer engagement.In addition to answering sales and support questions, BotB9 has been utilized for various use cases such as fitness coaching and relationship advice.

The tool offers different pricing plans, including limited-time lifetime plans, to cater to different business needs.


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Pros and Cons


Custom trained chatbot
Embeddable widgets
No code solution
Trains with 4000 words
Unlimited bot interactions
Customization and branding options
White-label chat widget
Theme color customization
Continuous chatbot improvement
Automatic data scraping
Supports unlimited bots
Unique branding for bots
SMS-based customer engagement
Versatile use cases
Variety of pricing plans
Lifetime plans available
Engagement on auto-pilot
Answers business specific questions
Fit for agencies and startups


Limited data training (4000 words)
Chatbot training not automated
No multi-language support mentioned
Limited widget customization
Unclear data privacy policies
No distinct failure recovery
No performance metrics shared
SMS feature limited geographically
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