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Botly is an AI chatbot designed specifically for use on the OnlyFans platform. It aims to enhance user experience by providing a fun, flirty, and friendly conversational AI solution.

The tool offers a 7-day free trial and features a Chrome extension for easy integration with OnlyFans. Botly reads and analyzes previous conversations to gain context and optimize its responses.

It offers different chat phases, including Small Talk, Sexting, and Sales Push, allowing users to switch conversation styles seamlessly. The tool simplifies the process of Pay-Per-View sales, making it a three-click experience for users.

With Botly, users can personalize their chats and send messages with just one click. The AI remembers past conversations, ensuring consistency and engaging messages.

It can recall specific details, such as the name of a fan's pet, making users feel remembered and valued. Botly also provides teamwork functionality, allowing multiple profiles to be onboarded through a single account.

This feature enables quick switching between creator accounts without the need for additional logins. To ensure security, Botly offers a dedicated chatter login and provides support for new or existing staff members.

The tool assists users in increasing their earnings by improving chat quality and fan interactions. Botly offers both monthly and annual billing options, and users can start with a 7-day free trial.

It is integrated with OnlyFans and provides an extension dashboard for easy access. The tool also offers language support and a private Telegram Group for additional support and networking opportunities.


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Jun 29, 2023
Much better since the last update! Use it as a companion for your chatters. That's how I get my VAs to use it! Keeps the language consistent. They don't forget stuff anymore. Affordable too
Jun 29, 2023
Like the phases and sexting chats are actually really good plus it has a nice tone in its writing. I do wish you could generate multiple messages simultaneously with multiple fans. Can you add that feature???
Jun 29, 2023
Got my chatters to use it. They all love and sales are up. Chatters happy, sales up, I'm happy.
Jun 29, 2023
Great AI assistant! Never forgets previously shared info from fans and is actually capable of being super dirty with the chats it generates haha
Jun 29, 2023
Really helpfull whenever I can't come up with replies or comment to give to the fans!

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Pros and Cons


7-day free trial
Chrome extension available
Analyzes previous conversations
Different chat phases
Simplifies Pay-Per-View sales
Personalizes chats
Remembers past conversations
Recalls specific details
Supports multiple profiles
Features quick account switching
Provides dedicated chatter login
Offers staff support
Improves chat quality
Increases fan interactions
Offers monthly and annual billings
Integrated with OnlyFans
Extension dashboard provided
Language support available
Private Telegram Group
Enhances user experience
Friendly, fun and flirty
One-click chatting
Assists in earning more
Quick three-click sales experience
Offers conversational flexibility
Highly personalized experiences
Captures creator's unique voice
Supports teamwork functionality
Secured login
Quick integration
Improved language quality
Increased fan engagement
Improved earnings
Improved conversation recall
Convenient setup process


Only for OnlyFans
Chrome extension only
No API provided
No multi-language support
Restricted to pre-defined chat phases
Limited to single platform integration
Requires constant connectivity with OnlyFans
Only 7-day free trial
No direct mobile application
Lacks customizability in auto-response


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Can I personalize chats using Botly?
What kind of details can Botly recall from past conversations?
Does Botly offer any teamwork features?
Can multiple profiles be onboarded through a single Botly account?
How is security ensured in Botly?
Does Botly offer support for new or existing staff members?
On what platforms can Botly be used?
Are there different billing options for Botly?
What language support is offered by Botly?
What is the purpose of the provided private Telegram Group?
How can Botly assist in increasing earnings on OnlyFans?
How does the Chrome extension of Botly work?
Can Botly be integrated with OnlyFans?

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