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World's first AI-powered help center answering customer queries instantly.
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Brainfish is an AI-powered help center and content platform designed to enhance customer experience. Its primary function is to provide instant answers to customer questions, serving as an automated self-service interface.

This AI tool is designed to learn your content, enabling it to deliver accurate and personalized responses to customer queries. The aim is to reduce ticket volumes, improving overall customer satisfaction.

In addition, Brainfish offers real-time translation capabilities, serving global customers in their native language by translating your content to suit their language preferences.

One of the compelling features of Brainfish is its functionality that provides insights into customer concerns in real time, assisting customer experience teams enhance the efficacy of the content in their knowledgebase.

Furthermore, Brainfish enables the majority of customers to self-serve, reducing the need for extensive customer service interactions. The platform is designed for seamless integration with various human-support software such as Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce and others, ensuring an improved and efficient customer service experience.

Brainfish was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes help articles
Suggests article improvements
Generates new articles
Easy knowledgebase migration
Instant proofreading
Multi-language support
Self-service interface
Reduces ticket volume
Real-time customer concern insights
Personalized customer responses
Integrates with human-support software
Affordable with flexible pricing
Real-time translation capabilities
Automatic knowledgebase learning
Instant answers to questions
Automated Response capabilities
Optimizes customer experience
Offers analytics features
Seamlessly integrates with Zendesk
Content health checks
Next best action suggestions
Serves global customer base
Removes customer service guesswork
Insights into key customer topics
Internationalization made easy
Single-language content writing
Automatic content learning
Limitless support software integration
Improved customer satisfaction
Personalized demo available
Onboard in 24 hours
80% customer self-serve enablement
User-friendly implementation


No offline support
Limited software integrations
Potential language translation inaccuracies
Specific platform compatibility issues
Reliance on existent knowledgebase
Limited customization options
Real-time data may vary
Limited analytics depth
No multi-user collaboration features


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How can Brainfish personalize customer service?
What is Brainfish's learning capability for my content?
How does Brainfish aid in improving customer satisfaction?
How fast does Brainfish provide answers to customer questions?
What kind of self-serve features does Brainfish offer?

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