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Get instant access to social media insights & mentions.
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Brand24 is an AI-driven social listening tool designed to provide real-time access to mentions and insights across platforms like social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, and reviews.

Primarily targeted towards agencies, marketers, PR professionals and SaaS companies, this tool enables users to monitor their brand's online presence from over 25 million sources, track reach and measure brand awareness.

By producing detailed reports based on tracked data, users can measure and enhance their PR coverage and marketing efforts. The platform also provides sentiment analysis that helps segment positive, negative or neutral mentions about the brand.

Users can automate reporting to share insights within their teams. It also allows them to access customer insights and understand their preferences, thereby helping them in making data-driven business decisions.

Moreover, users can track various hashtags, find influencers, and measure the impact of their hashtag campaigns in terms of reach and engagement. Brand24 also includes features for online reputation management, market research, customer feedback, and competitive analysis.


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Mar 20, 2024
I tried it with some skepticism, but i just found 5 twitter posts and 1 article in Asia for my company i didn't even know existed, thank you!

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Brand24 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time access to mentions
Access to 25 million sources
Detailed data-driven reports
Sentiment analysis
Automated reporting
Customer insight provision
Hashtag tracking
Influencer finding
Measure impact of hashtag campaigns
Online reputation management
Market research features
Customer feedback gathering
Competitive analysis
PR coverage measurement
Brand awareness tracking
Access both positive, negative or neutral mentions
Reach and engagement measuring
Ai Insights
Backlinks Checker
Comprehensive Reports
108 languages support
Advanced sentiment analysis
Brand24 tracks all public sources
Real time monitoring over 25,000,000 sources
Automatic sentiment analysis
Hashtag reach measurement
Hashtag volume measurement
Actionable and easily digestible word cloud


Doesn't support direct interaction
No keyword suggestions
No multi-account support
Missing advanced analytics


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How does Brand24's sentiment analysis feature work?
Can I automate reporting with Brand24?
How does Brand24 help in understanding customer preferences?
Can I use Brand24 for hashtag tracking?
How does Brand24 help with online reputation management?
How can Brand24 aid in market research?
Can Brand24 be used for competitive analysis?
What is the reach of Brand24?
How does Brand24 help in measuring brand awareness?
How can I share insights within my team using Brand24?
Does Brand24 allow for tracking of influencers?
Can I use Brand24 for measuring the impact of hashtag campaigns?
What kind of detailed reports does Brand24 provide?
How does Brand24 help in making data-driven business decisions?
Does Brand24 have a feature for customer feedback management?
What is the utility of Brand24 for agencies, PR professionals and SaaS companies?

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